Client Facing Functions?
Calendar view with scheduling & history (view previous checklist, footage, and feedback)
Upcoming clean shown
Reschedule/cancel function
View live stream
GPS Track cleaner location & key location
Cleaner check in and check out times
Checklist view / live
Customer Report

Client Communications (In app, Whatsapp & email?)

Next clean reminder (Cleaners name, time, and contact number)
Notification that cleaner has arrived?
Notification key pickup & return?
Confirmations on rescheduling
Holiday reminders
Birthday reminder?
Milestone check ins (First clean, first month..)
View & sign terms and conditions
Trustpilot review request

Employee Facing Functions

Calendar view with schedule & history (feedback & timesheets?)
Reminders 48 hrs before clean and morning of clean?
Reminders to include client name, address, access, time and how many hours required
Job check in and check out (GPS check-in ?)
Cleaners can provide & receive feedback
Checklist view (Concise and expanded views)
Inventory: Order new cleaning supplies & Equipment
Birthday reminder?
Timesheet view: Automatically create & submit timesheets based on hours worked
See available open shifts to be claimed


Automatic client payments with invoices & receipts (go cardless) (sync this with cancellations and reschedules)
Automatic employee payments (synced to calendar, auto generate timesheet/invoice)
Invoices sent to xero

Video Vetting
Recordings with feedback from operators

Internal Functions

Calendar view with schedule & history Schedule training sessions with reminders?
Add new appointment (Drop down to select available cleaners, ordered from closest location (show travel times?) add operator to the appointment
Import bookings from external apps
Add new client (Name, address, days & times, contact details, bank details, airtag)
Schedule room scan and onboarding meeting
Schedule milestone communications
Add new cleaner (Name, address, days & times available, contact details, hourly rate, bank details, birthday)
Inventory management: cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, uniforms
Track consumption of materials
Automate new product orders?
HR / Training / Feedback
Reporting / Insights: best cleaners, which employee brings in the most income, best client
Schedule available open shifts to be claimed

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