How to Enable OPUS on BO

Made by Ahmedur 7/5/2023

To enable OPUS, the PBX Version must be version Version 68.0.30

On BO Scroll down to PBX Extensions and click on the blue cog wheel

Scroll down until you see Codec Order, and codecOrder3G

Under Codec Order, delete 0,8,9,18 and type in 103
Under codecOrder3g delete 3 and type in 103

Then hit save.

*Note that once you make the change the cog wheel will turn from blue to red indicating that a change was made.

Sync the portal and PBX extensions by clicking on the circle arrow icon

If this for a new user, send the user the QR code and the system will handle the rest.
If this change was made for an existing user please continue reading below to activate OPUS on the app after the codec change was made in BO and synced.

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