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It’s summertime and you are looking to watch a movie. This blog post will help you make that decision.

Written by Adil Noor & Byron Stokes

Are directors always consistent

The first question you may have is “what is the best film movie producer made.? For example one of the film producers on the graph is Costa Gavras he made the film “Z” in 1969 and the film was nominated for many awards and later he made a film called “Missing” which did not do as well as ”Z”.

Thrilling money

when asked the question how much money does thriller movies make. Thriller movies are a genre of movies that keep on the edge of your seat. This genre of movies are loved by many and yet are one of the most difficult to understand. With the data on the graph there are 43,548 thriller movies made and they have made a worldwide gross income of $618,045,089,772

And the #1 genre is?

When it comes to the best genre in movies the answer can be opinionated. But when it comes to the graph data we have created it has many different types of genre and it tells us what types of genre people prefer. Drama has the most due to the ability to relate to the characters and setting and the story drama has 63,446 reviews from critics making it the most watched genre

Old school and new school

The information for my 4th question is how the older generation paved the way for the newer generation. Thanks to my graph it was the older generation that used real world problems and used their imagination to express themselves

Sci-fi price range

A good price range for sci-fi film are a few million these are films that some may consider a rare gem. they don't spend that much money on advertisement, but some get lucky and use word to mouth to get there movie out there and, on the hand most movies use many millions of dollars, but their movies don’t do that well therefore a good price range to make sci-fi films is $22,000,000

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