Day 3 (Datasets & Questions)

What 3 datasets did you choose?
Copy the template below for each of your 3 datasets and copy your questions/hypotheses over from .
As you explore the datasets, add additional questions until you feel ready to finalize on one of them.
You are done when you have at least 5 questions that you know you can answer with the dataset you chose.
TV shows and movies Imdb
Did the people who make a popular film fail at first
Yes, I looked at a couple of directors and saw their gross and reviews
how much money does thriller movie makes?
I looked up gross and worldwide income to the money
What genre gives a wide audience
I looked at the movie genre and the reviews to see what had the best reviews
What information did you wish you have?
How did the older generation pave the way for the newer generation in terms of genre and money?
What is a good price range to make a sci-fi film?

What makes a review honest?

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