Abdelhamid Younis Portfolio

Hi, I am Abdelhamid 👋

UX /UI Designer, UX researcher, hobby coder, & musician.
Based in 📍Vienna. Beside 6 years of experience as a UX/UI designer. Did master studies in HCI at University of Salzburg and took challenging responsibilities early on in my career as a solo product designer in Hotelkit, and Tubics in Austria, which exposed me to unconventional ways to prototyping, minimum viable user testing, low code development, and jumping between a UX design and research role. Beside this I studied engineering for my bachelor, that made me a problem solver by nature. Now working with an awesome team @ REWE International (the biggest retailer in Europe) to design their self-checkout and point-of-sale devices. Beside product design, I am coding since 2 years with HTML, CSS, Vanilla Javascript, node, and React JS with the aim to deploy personal ideas independently.

UX/UI Design projects

Full time project Live now UX/UI Design UX Research 8 Usability Testing Surveying 400 Users Wireframes. Competitor analysis
This project was completed and shipped last year and now live in 4 different supermarkets in Austria. It started with a 4 day design sprint and 2 months later it was in development. I acted as a full-stack designer on this project.

Full time project Live now UX/UI Design User Analytics Wireframes Design system Usability Testing
In 2021 I was working at This project started on November 2020, the first user test was in January and it was live since April 2021. 3 months later it was Tubics’s most used feature accounting to 70% of the session time on the app.

Freelance project Live now UX/UI Design Competitor analysis
In late 2022, I worked with to redesign some pages in their old app. This project lasted for 3 months and I got very positive feedback on it. They also alpha-released it to selected clients and its now live since February 2023.

Full time project UX/UI Design Design system
In late 2021 I was working with to build their design system and migrate the old app to the new branding. This project started on Septemper 2021, and lasted for 2 months including design, research and implementation.

HCI student project UX/UI Design Persona Interviews design thinking Competitor analysis
In summer 2020 i did this project as part of a research project in my HCI master studies at the university of salzburg. It started with a literature research, then persona interviews, design thinking, then prototyping. This project also won 1st place prototype and 2nd place pitch deck in Salzburg startup weekend competition in May 2020.

Frontend projects

Coding Skills
html5 css javascript es 6 React tanstack-react-query mobx state management library typescript npm GIT next.js
This is a small website for reaslestate portfolio made with Vue Js, and published on Netlify. I didnt use and databases for this project. The data is fetched with REST API from a fake Json Server.

Design & low-code-dev tutorials

If you read this long, check out my youtube channel focusing on design hacks and low code development.


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📞 +4366565601610
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