Detailed Descripton of features

This page gives a details about all the features we are planning to make:
Create Workspace - This feature enables you to create your workspace this one level above of the groups. We will create workspace and under that we will form channels/groups. (Say there is a workspace marketing then under that workspace we can have multiple groups this will be actually helpful for people who have to be involved in multiple level say in finance as well as marketing then they can be in different workspace and and manage different groups under that).
Profile: Profile is where all details we are taking for users and showing them. There will also be update option but erp number and email id's are not at all changeable.
Providing rights to users - Changing user rights as who will be able to add people to the channels or workspace as initially this right will only be available with the owners of the groups.(So we will have group owners, group admins, employee and interns). Group owners will have all access including deleting groups or workspace, admins can add or remove people to/from the group or workspace but they can't delete groups or workspace and employee or interns can only be involved in the groups they have been added to.
Personal chat: Based on the unique erp code mapped with the name of the user we can provide a feature of one on one live communication using web socket.
Group chat: After forming the group(bringing multiple users together in a channel), by inviting people in that group we can do send messages to all the members in that channel.
If user to be added is already registered on the platform his/her name come with ERP number for adding on the group other wise we can invite them using their email id.
Threads: Thread is something as adding multiple replies on a message. This will mainly help us when we are chatting in a group people can continue a conversation on any topics rather than going for a long conversation.
A conversation was started for reminding me
After starting a thread we can see on the same message it was shown as 5 replies because people talked on the same topic.
The messages of the threads can be seen and even replied on. We can also see all the threads in a section named threads, we can go and reply or view them.
File transfer: Along with chatting there should be a feature of attaching files of different format and transferring. Also there should be an option to take snap using the camera and upload it.
Contact: This is something like a contact list all those people who are added in your account will be visible in your contact.
Setting: This is basically the settings related to the platform. (This can have something like setting for theme of the page, notification settings, if possible changing the layouts, etc.)
Search: This search is basically searching words on the platform and if it is anywhere will appear as a result of that search.
Like in the image above I searched for Hi keyword then it gave result of all the places where complete was used.
Pin message: Pinning message is basically something as adding a message to a notepad for that specific person. (Say I was having a conversation with XYZ and had a chat which I don't need to forget then we can pin that message of XYZ which can be viewed whenever we click on the profile of XYZ)
Invite: This is same as inviting people using their email id. Once the user is invited he/she will get a joining link on their email using that link person can join the platform.
Setting a status: This is basically setting a status as available, not available, on a vacation, working from home. An example screenshot of the same taken from twist chat is shown below
This basically sets the user to that status by which user can know that he/she is not available and if they are online we should except a response from them.
Edu_talk bot: A bot is basically fixed with some keywords and they answer based on that. This will be constantly updated at several level once we come through many more questions that can be asked.
Saved message: This is something similar to pinned messages, pinning we can do it for individual profiles but in saved messages we can see all the messages we have saved to see in future(All at one place) irrespective of users.
Marking Users: This is a feature which helps one user to address other users using @Name and mark them one some conversations.
Mentioned places: This is basically a tab which shows all the places a user have been marked at. This will help users if he/she has missed anything where they have been marked.
Reminder and Notification: This feature will help users remind what ever is said to be reminded or notified if something happens(Say a message has been arrived then a notification is required for the user to know that they have received a message even though if they are not viewing the screen).
App Integration: App integration is basically calling other app which are available for use we can install their sdks and redirect them to that.(If we integrate zoom with slack we just have to authorize zoom once and after that we just have to enter /zoom to use the meeting feature of zoom.) We can also allow multiple functionality like adding calendars with the platform which will keep us updated with our schedules and help us by reminding.
Calling: This is basically a facility in our platform to allow users to call and communicate through audio only.
Video calling: This is basically a facility in our platform to allow users to call and communicate through audio and video.
Poll feature: Polls is used to create a polling options in any groups, where some question can be raised and asked to be voted by the users for which we can analyse the results.
Polls can be created in any groups, simply by opening the polls function, type in our question and as many options as we like, and let your team vote. Allow our teammates to select multiple options for each question or restrict their response to one. We can even set an expiration date for our poll. Share the poll across channels — it syncs automatically across groups!

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