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Product Overview

What is Edu_talk?
Edu_talk is a modern communication tool that will help work in a calmer, more organized and more productive way.
We have used email and group chat to communicate with our team. We still do. But there’s a problem—it’s really hard to keep track of important conversations and information, especially as our team grows.
Edu_talk solves those problems. It organizes our team communication so we can work calmly and effectively. By keeping our team conversations in one place and categorized in threads, we can easily find any topic, any time on any device.
Now to help us and our team get off on the right foot, take a look at this short guide that helps explain how to:
Organize our conversations in channels based on department, project, or topic.
Join public channels or create new ones.
Start a thread inside a channel to discuss specific topics with our team.
Notify the right people, set the right title, and keep everything organized and easily searchable.
Use messages for more direct, immediate collaboration with one teammate or a small group.
Customize our notifications so we’re only notified when we want to be notified.
Stay connected with our team from any location by using edu_talk on our mobile and desktop web version.

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