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What is Depth?

As Nat mentioned in his , depth is a way to rank which blog post topics to focus your energy on. Here is the quick primer for how you should indicate the depth of your blog topics:
1 - Shorter, fun, one-off post. Probably < 1,000 words
2 - Somewhere in the middle, 1,000-2,000 word guides
3 - Massively useful in-depth guide on a topic, likely 2,000+ words

Here is how Nat ranked his original topics about teas:

How to find Keyword Volume

As mentioned in the , Nat recommends using Google Keyword Planner to figure out the SEO value of your keywords and blog topics. Keyword Planner has now been integrated into Google AdWords, so you need to set up an account on AdWords to make use of the tool. You can create a dummy AdWords account and create a campaign (just remember to pause it or else you might get charged for your campaign!). This is what the keyword tool looks like in AdWords:
Image 2018-11-13 at 12.08.04 PM.png
All we care about is the "Avg. monthly searches" to get a sense of the SEO value of the keywords. The new keyword planner gives you a range for the searches while the old keyword planner gave you an exact number, but you can still put an average number in the KW Volume column in the table. Original screenshot of how Nat entered in keyword volume in his Google Sheet:
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