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The All-in-one Research Repo: How to quickly organize and uncover powerful insights

Relevancy Score Calculator

When you type in the text search, your search term goes through:
Report name
Goals and importance
Key takeaways
Tags - If your search term is associated with an existing tag, it will also return results from that tag! For example, a search for 'bath’ will return results from the tag ‘Super Spa Time’.
Research methods, networks, and participants.
The relevancy score is generated anew whenever you run a new text search. More points are added to the score according to certain logic:
A match on report name generates more points than a match on goals/importance, which generates more points than takeaways. Each match on takeaways is one point.
Important research gets a small boost.
The score also considers some variants of the word, like “baths” versus “bath”, so you don’t miss out.

Relevancy Score Calculation
Formula helpers
Points for important:
Points for searched word found in the Report name:
Points for searched word in Goals and Significance:

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