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Virtual Team Celebrations | YumTum 2023

Virtual Team Parties (no kits)

Incredibly fun team experiences - the perfect way to bond over meaningful shared experiences!

Experiences (No kits required / gift box optional add-on)

Team Manga Superstars

Manga Portraiy (1).png
Ever wondered what the team would look like as Manga superstars? Bring your team's personalities and quirks to life over an incredibly fun sketch party led by a professional Manga illustrator and an entertaining kawaii emcee. You'll learn how to reimagine your colleagues as whimsical, dynamic manga characters! Whether you're a seasoned artist or a doodle newbie, you're bound to enjoy this light-hearted, playful twist on team building.
Using this unique style of Japanese artistry and techniques so simple, they’ll be mementos you’ll want to deck your halls with! After all, it's not every day you see your teammates come to life on a comic strip!

Online Adventure Game

Online Adventure (1).png
It was a silent night until...! What was that!? Puzzles, riddles and challenges block your team’s escape. Work together and beat the clock to win in the Online Adventure Game, hosted by Yum Tum.
This virtual escape room style experience takes you on an interactive adventure, with professional theatre performers guiding the way. New adventure games are available every quarter; select our Whimsical Wizards Intelligence Agency scenario for a bit of team magic!
For a unique and engaging team-building party to challenge your problem-solving skills and dazzle with a fascinating storyline, book your own Online Adventure Game with Yum Tum today!

The League of the Superheroes 20.21

League of S H (2).png
Looking for a super unique event to commemorate your workplace heroes on an extraordinary milestone or quarter? Look no further than the League of Superheroes Sketch Party, hosted by Yum Tum.
Empowered by a “professional comic book illustrator” and a daring emcee, this 90 minute interactive sketching session teaches beginner-friendly techniques to turn your teammates in their ultimate super hero form. Secret identities are abandoned as the true characters of your group are elevated to create bold illustrations that are sure to shine!
For a personalised artistic experience in a league of its own, book your Superheroes Sketch party today!

Once Upon a Team

Once Upon A Team.png
Think outside the box this season with your own Once Upon A Team improv storytelling experience with Yum Tum.
Unwrap your team’s potential as they build a unique storyline full of twists, turns and punchlines and put a smile on the face of your colleagues. Led by a professional comedian and improv expert, this 90 minute trip into the collective imaginations of the group will have them interactively creating a story to rival any Christmas classic.
For a truly unique experience that will be re-told for years to come, book your own Once Upon a Team storytelling experience today.

Mix It Up - Beats4Teams

Create your very own team jingle with Mix It Up! Beats4Teams virtual DJ experience hosted by Yum Tum.
Driving the rhythms is a professional DJ and a groovy emcee to take your team from simple scribblers to hit makers in 90 mins or less! You won’t need any equipment or know-how to start spinning your new song; just a passion to make those jingle bells rock.
For a unique team party that’s sure to be bushels of fun, book your own Mix It Up virtual DJ experience today!

Galactic Arms Pub Quiz (space-themed pub quiz)

Do you have more than a passing interest in the night sky? Channel your aspiring inner astronomer and see if your team of space cadets can ace this quiz on our mysterious journey through the Milky Way.
A fun outer-space pub quiz hosted by fascinatingly unique space cadets and includes a variety of fun trivia, mental aerobics, brain training, and fun challenges.

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