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Virtual Team Celebrations | YumTum 2023

Virtual Team Parties (with kits)

Incredibly fun team experiences - the perfect way to bond over meaningful shared experiences this holiday season
Experiences (Kits required)
Lego Challenge
Let your imagination work freely as you build your models using specially selected LEGO elements, designed to spark conversations. The LEGO workshops are fun and engaging, elicit deep thinking, powerful storytelling, authentic collaboration and problem-solving. Participants are led through a series of questions that serve as a basis for knowledge sharing, problem-solving and decision-making.
Scoop and Sculpt
A truly mess-merizing team experience!
Tactile hand-building experiences are both calming and contemplative. Get together with your coworkers and learn to sculpt and design unique objects. This sculpting class mixes creativity with conversation for a memorable team experience. Participants are guided through a sequence of questions that delve deeply into a subject and serve as the foundation for group discussion.
Sunshine and BYO wine (Solar Printing)
Are you looking for a team-building activity that combines science and art? Do you enjoy sunshine and a glass of wine (or bevvy)? Brighten up your next team experience over a fascinating artistic science experiment. Along with your teammates, learn to create art from solar energy! Get together with your colleagues, brainstorm and create magical art over a fun solar printing experience!
Sip & Shake Cocktails
Sip N Shake.png
Looking for an end-of-year party full of Christmas cheers? Sip n Shake Cocktails will have your team breaking the ice and shaking it in this virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Party, hosted by Yum Tum!
When all you want for Christmas is booze, join a professional mixologist tutor and a cocktail enthusiast emcee in a 90 minute masterclass that will have you shaking it up in style!
For a unique Christmas party that is certain to jingle some bells, book your own Sip n Shake Cocktail party today!
The Great Cooking Challenge
Tis the seasoning! Spice up your end-of-year celebrations with your own interactive online cooking experience with Yum Tum.
Under the guidance of a professional chef and emcee extraordinaire, you too can learn the skills to have dinner guests singing your praises. Choose from three fabulous cuisines, with either all-inclusive meal kits or pantry-based recipe lists so easy there's no need to check them twice!
For a unique Christmas party to get the whole office cooking up a storm, creating lasting memories and having a festive spirit (or two), book your own Chef-Led Cooking Lesson with Yum Tum today!

Blind Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting (1).png
Imagine indulging in a wine tasting flight paired with handmade artisan chocolates from small independent wineries and chocolatiers.
Grab your colleagues, and spend the evening mulling whether it’s a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. Columbian or African cocoa? The real answer might surprise you.
Let’s see if you’re a connoisseur who can tell your wine and cocoa’s terroir. Sommelier guided blind tastings are a lot more fun than the usual trivia night.

Chocos and Convos
peppy past party.png

Learn how to make your own chocolate bar, build a flavour profile, and get hands-on with this chocolate making session! You'll join a charismatic Chocolatier for a crème de la crème chocolate making experience at this deliciously decadent event. This is a chocoholics dream, combining tasting, exploring, learning, and exquisite slab-making. Experiment with different flavours and delectable garnishes to turn your chocolate slab into a quirky work of art! We invite you to use heaps of creative flair to make chocolates with big personalities - from perfectly pretty chocolates to those that are outlandish and extravagant!

Make & Bake - Bun Heroes
make and bake.png

Bake and bond over a bounty of buns. That was quite a mouthful, to say the least!
During this incredibly enjoyable edible heroes bun workshop, you'll take a trip down memory lane as you learn to create your favourite childhood heroes and characters from scratch.
Make alongside your coworkers, and witness the joy of breathing life into the inanimate objects.

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