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Notable Addons

Addons are split in categories, and each have “QOL TradeOff” parameter that helps understanding if installing this addon will make your every day browsing similar, or more fiddly, or better than usual.
Two plugins listed here, containers and tree-style tabs, change the browsing experience fundamentally, and have themselves further plugins to enhance them, so they’re listed separately.
Tree-style tabs enhances usability, specially for research; containers enhances privacy.

Plugins dedicated to keeping you harder to track and/or harder to hack. See also containers
Useful little tools that make internet life easier or better. See also tree-style tabs
Plugins that enhance the browsing experience, help doing better search, or inform yourself, or generally compile and parse information
Make sure you aren’t getting phished or reusing your password, etc
Containers are a game-changer for privacy, but also for convenience. Chrome has profiles, Firefox has containers. The difference between them is that: Containers can be created on the fly and destroyed on the fly Containers are per-tab, not per-window Containers aren’t tied to an account Navigating with containers is like using multiple separate profiles, or browsers, or using incognito browsers all the time
tree-style tabs
Presents tabs in a tree on the left. Changes the entire browsing experience by giving spatial positioning and allowing you to keep track of where you come from. This is so logical that it’s incredible we keep having tabs on top. By putting tabs in the sidebar, we have more space for text, we have better history, we can manipulate them better. Plus, most sites are limited in width, so we don’t lose anything.
Plugins dedicated to keeping you harder to track and/or harder to hack. See also

duckduckgo for firefox
ublock origin
google no tracking url
auto cookie optout
adblock for youtube
QOL trade-off
🟠 Minimal (Browsing is almost unchanged)
Uses DDG instead of Google as a search engine; blocks trackers and certain ads
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