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Event Planner for World IA Day 2023
👋 Hello!
Welcome to World IA Day. Every year we take the feedback from the previous years and iterate on helping communities organize local World IA Day events.
We’re far from being experts, but we’ve gathered a lot of insights over the years so we want to share the knowledge we’ve accumulated in this community here in the form of this doc.
At the same time, this doc will be used for you and the WIAD23 Global Planning committee to communicate and track your progress.

Feature Overview

This section is here to give you an overview of the features in this doc. You can hide or archive the page once you’re done to keep the navigation clean.

If you’re joining us before October, the planning timeline is set up with lots of ample time for you to get a team together.
Take and customize!
can be used to create a view in Timeline, Kanban, Calendar view

A place to keep track of who’s on the team and what their role/responsibilities are.
The team roles and descriptions are especially helpful if you have a large team. Might even be overkill if your event is virtual and kept simple. This list is a mix of in-person and virtual team roles. Take and customize!

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