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FanThreeSixty - Release Notes

馃殌 Release Notes

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SeatGeek Ticketing Integration 鉁 New Integration
Our clients that use SeatGeek are now able to pull in their data seamlessly with no manual upload / data management required
Customer Loyalty
FanScan - Fans can now scan QR codes with their own devices for location based check-ins. This provides another method of tracking attendance to events (especially ones that don鈥檛 have tickets)
Standard Content - Two new standard audiences have been added to the catalog
Contacted this week but no connection
No responses this week (Texting only)
All apps now accept Canadian zip codes
New tabs occasionally not loading correctly has been fixed
Ticketmaster SDK version 2.16.1 iOS app breaking issue has been fixed
(Powered by Twilio)
Number Switcher - Users are able to 'switch' between lines if they are assigned an Admin. This is a more advanced workflow as it can be confusing which line the user is sending a text from. This feature is helpful when staff members are out of the office or adhoc assistance is needed when responding to a lot of messages
Messages can now be sent directly from the fan profile. The user no longer needs to navigate to the conversations page to message a user
Filtering a standard audience by DMA only shows one available DMA issue resolved
iOS - Gender selection in profile not functioning if postal code has not been selected - Fixed
(Powered by Twilio)
Mobile friendly UI on conversations page
Phone number will now display for messages from fans outside of FTS system
iOS - User interface issue when clicking drop-down to select venue resolved
Images now included in alerts for app communications
New User Additions to the Platform issue resolved
Phone widget appending tel: to the NavigationValue issue resolved
Duplicate events in app issue resolved
Integrations/Platform User Interface 鉁 New Feature
User interface page that shows a list of integrations supported by FanThreeSixty
: Enhanced fan engagement level tracking. Emphasizes tracking of fan ticket purchases over time. Engagements are weighted by recency and type
(Powered by Twilio)鉁 New Feature
Ability to create and view conversations and engage fan by fan level via SMS text message.
All Clients/ iOS - Incorrect images displaying in apps - Fixed
All Clients
Draft vs. active configurations out of sync - Fixed

All Clients
StatBroadcast displaying 401 error on all calls - Fixed
Fan Cam Deep Links are not working - Fixed
Sponsorship values are showing at the fan profile level- Fixed
Stat Broadcast live will not process correctly if live stats are tied to two separate events - Fixed

All Clients
Draft vs Active configurations out of sync - Fixed
Sponsorship values are showing on the fan profile level - Fixed
All WMT Clients
Roster/Number column not being removed when they contain no data - Fixed
Additional Links added for VenueNext
CUE SDK update from 2.9.2 to 3.8.5
TicketMaster update from 2.12.1 to 2.15.0
Loyalty widget now applies only to featured events. Users no longer have to manage the loyalty feature on every event thus creating a more user friendly experience

Emails can now be filtered by date
Get a complete picture of your fanbase by connecting separate sources of fan data into single profiles, each packed with actionable insights
New Feature
The ability to manually add a customer loyalty number via link from a fan鈥檚 personal profile and/or event pages
Add to Wallet
Users may now add their loyalty card QR code directly to their wallet on their device
New Feature
Now supporting Sign in capability with Ticketmaster log in information

Brand Settings
The Brand Logo is being used for the account bubble in the top right corner
The brand color is being used as the default color in the forms builder and the new email builder

The ability for users to manage a queue of possible profile matches. Users are now able to join two profiles that should be the same person or unlink a profile that really belongs to more than one person. To learn more about Fan linking and unlinking workflows check out the page within Knowledge Center
All Clients:
Audiences aren鈥檛 pulling data in for clients without ticket data - Fixed

Standard Content
Bulk Actions: Allow a user to apply something to multiple events at a time
Communications: Users may now close multiple communications at a time instead of having to close each one individually
Events: Users may now make changes to featured events, radio links, and similar updates that are tied to multiple events at once.
: Users may now add tags to multiple messages at once (Communications groups, Playbooks, Sponsors)
Images: Users may now edit event images in bulk
Forms Enhancements
New addition of a forms template which will allow users to link events to forms, and to view experience results.
Experience results may be viewed from event insights, form insights, and import details
The Thank You message is now customizable
New addition of a widget for users of StatsBroadcast as a stat provider (specifically college teams with mobile apps) which allows users to:
Edit final scores
Toggle push notifications off and on for games
Toggle which teams are marked as 鈥淗ome鈥 or 鈥淎way鈥 if they are wrong in the feed
Add a StatBroadcast ID if its missing on game day
Eloqua email: For users formerly on Paciolan Adobe and transitioned to Eloqua email users will soon be able to see Eloqua data.
Android: TM SDK version update 鈥 2.12.1
Android: Seatgeek version update 鈥 4.4.0
Android: Updated icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Android: New icon for Tiktok
Android: Share content analytics and updated button to match your organization鈥檚 color
Android: Profile picture bug has been fixed
Android: Mobile users can now request a user deletion from profile settings.
(SSO): With a secure, unified credential system, you can sign into your Ticketmaster and FanThreeSixty using a single sign-in (username/password). With this new sign-in, not only is your account more secure, you no longer have to remember several username/passwords and can access your tickets faster within the mobile application.
For existing users, no change to occur if already logged into the mobile application.
Will be released in two waves and your Client Success Representative will share when your site is released.
Ticket ID enhancement impacting all ticketing sources and the order of Ticket ID on fan view to evaluate fans with multiple ticketing accounts; changed to evaluate and display the most recent Ticket ID. Users can find this change for fans on fan view and within exports where the most recent Ticket ID will display first when fans have multiple ticketing accounts.

IOS and Android: VenueNext SDK
IOS: Mobile users can now request a user deletion from profile settings.
IOS and Android: Users will now have the ability to from Mobile Applications
Automated Email Templates:
Email Template Name
馃憢 Welcome new fans
New fans
Greet new fans with an offer
馃檹 Thank first-time buyers
First-time buyers
Incentivize first-time fans to come again
馃巶 Birthday offer
Birthdays this month
Surprise fans with a gift on their birthday
馃馃徔 Introduce your app
New fans without the app
Encourage new fans to download the app
鉁 Reward your best fans
Super fans etc
Make your most dedicated fans feel special
There are no rows in this table
馃毃 About to lapse: Fans that have purchased tickets for an event 370 days ago, but do not own a ticket to a future event
馃敟 Top leads who do not have a ticket: Fans with a high lead score but no tickets to a future event
馃泿: Fans who have donated within the last five years but have not yet donated in the current drive year
Donor Data:
For users that have Donor Data loaded within their platform the following enhancements are available:
Fan Profile displays 鈥渄onor鈥 for a specific fan if they are a donor
Donor Audiences and total donations filter including: All Donors, High Donors, Medium Donors, Low Donors
Standard Content
Forms: Custom ticket interest options are available
Refresh featured audiences on home page 鉁
Android Communications Paging enhancement to performance 鉁
Android Google maps SDK 18.0.0 update 鉁
Android Facebook SDK 13.0.0 update 鉁
Autogenerating Trivia Audience: reward fans that answer a question or questions correctly. These new audiences generate on their own and will automatically archive after 30 days.
Interactive maps: This feature has been deprecated in favor of using Google Maps. Review documentation for guidance on how to generate an interactive map with Google.
Product preview: Now get a brief description of all FTS products within the web experience
Lacrosse Stats/Notifications: This will add push notification support for our StatBroadcast clients for start of game, end of quarter, and end of game for lacrosse.
Schedule by Event: Users can now send mobile and email communications by event when scheduling a message.
(mobile communications)
馃搧 Data Import enhancements when uploading files include:
Create a new import by default: Import will be set to the default of a 鈥渘ew file鈥. To append a file to an existing import, users can click on that import in the list, then click 鈥渁dd another file.鈥
Unique identifier options: Only email or account ID are available by default for users. For files that do need a secondary identifier (i.e., if there is more than one row per fan), users can select that under Advanced Settings.
Data source default: A data source is selected for users by default. Users can change this if a user has another custom source.
Fewer mapping options in list: Users can only map to the fields that go directly onto the profile. For all other attributes, users can select 鈥淚mport as a custom attribute,鈥 and mapping options behave the same way they did before.
Default formatting for fields: To streamline the process, a default format will accept for Do not solicit and birthday. So, to import correctly, the file will need to have the correct formatting included before uploading. Please see Knowledge Center for more information.
How to target/activate your imported fans: Users can still segment as before, but can also retarget imported fans directly if users click on the import in the list and then click on the blue 鈥渇ans鈥 number on the detail page. Users can now also see information about their export like:
How many rows were not imported
How many new fans were identified by your file.
馃挵馃搱 creates the ability to monetize impact of a sponsorship by multiplying impressions, fan dollars and number of assets.
馃搳 supports the ability to have value/insights into communications available within the users workflow (previous information displayed within tableau reports) such as:
Communications sent/by type
Engagement rate/by type
Top performers
Filter by date
Filter by campaign tags.
While also enhancing features by adding:
A date filter
Move 鈥渆ntity鈥 tag filters out of the 鈥榤ore鈥 button
Ability to sort by highest engagement and highest impressions
Ability to view fan insights for all who engaged with selected communications
Ability to retarget by selecting a button
Insights about what card type or tags have better engagement
Make parent organizations have the ability to see metrics page by use of a filter
馃摫Android TicketMaster SDK White Screen
馃摫IOS Seatgeek SDK update: New swift and Xcode version
Check out what is coming in quarter 1, 2022: 馃敎
Enhancements 鉁
When opening video communication from push notification ability to like. Previously there were reports that sometimes there was a need to re-like when leaving the communication and has now been resolved.
Enhancement 鉁
Audience Builder - Enhancements include:
Refreshed user views with existing functionality
Mobile friendly
Previously users were only able to build an audience with one poll, now users can chain multiple polls together
Standard Content New in Q4: Communication Forms
Start with template
Gameday timeline
Show fans what to expect at the venue
Start with template
Incomplete Profile
Fill gaps in your fanbase data
Start with template
Tickets now available
Give fans a quick way to purchase tickets
Start with template
Thank you, come again
Retarget attendees with a discount
Start with template
Exclusive content
Reward mobile fans with access to app-only content
Start with template
Highlights (game conclusion, weekly recap, monthly standings)
Relive the best moments of the game
Start with template
Game Delays
Inform fans quickly of any game delays
Build new comm
Sponsored content
Include sponsored assets
Build new comm
Send a form
Link directly to a FanThreeSixty Form
Build new comm
Youtube Live
Give fans access to a live stream
Build new comm
Trivia card
Multiple choice question with 鈥╝ correct answer
Build new comm
Multiple choice question with a follow up message
Build new comm
Multiple choice question that shows voting results
There are no rows in this table

Technical Improvement for IOS Communications
IOS Mobile Authentication
Users of mobile applications can now unlock application using FaceID. Updated session expiration from 1 year to a longer session expiration/duration while increasing security by adding the FaceID step to unlock the app for IOS users.
The app manager, previously app designer, now supports a live preview of your app so you can better plan and get a feel of your changes before you make them. It still provides robust widget editing capabilities with a bit more access to things like 鈥榰nregistered user鈥 experience so you can tailor the app experience for different user types.

: Standard Content launched two additional forms
Event RSVPs: Gather sign-ups for custom events, watch parties, etc.
Build Your Own: Mix and match any of the available questions
Ability to add a custom short answer question
Ability to add any of the 鈥榝an favorites鈥 questions that are configured for your app
Standard Content Launched new standard and premium audiences. Below is the list of new audiences available in FanThreeSixty. If you see an audience in the below list that doesn鈥檛 appear in your platform, you are probably lacking the data integration and/or product required to generate that audience. Contact your Client Success Lead for more information.
New in Q4
Group name
Emoji + Name
Mobile users
馃挼 Mobile users who spend money
Active mobile users who have bought tickets in the last 365 days
Know your fanbase
馃巶 All birthdays
All fans who have a birthday on their profile
Fans who engage with comms
馃檵 Recently viewed comms
Fans who have interacted with one or more mobile communications in the last 3 months
Fans who engage with email
馃檵 Recently opened an email
Fans who have opened one or more emails in the last 3 months
Grow your user base
馃毄 Active fans without the app
Fans who have been active this year but haven鈥檛 registered for the app
馃師 Ticket buyers without the app
Fans who have bought tickets in the past year but haven鈥檛 registered for the app
馃巿 Highly engaged but no app
Fans with a high engagement score but haven鈥檛 registered for the app
馃悰 New fans without the app
Fans you identified in the last six months but who haven鈥檛 registered for the app
Future behaviors
馃敭 Own a ticket to a future event
Fans that have purchased a ticket to an upcoming event
馃 Not likely to use tickets
Nudge fans likely to not use their tickets to share their tickets with other people
馃幁 No shows
Fans that purchase tickets but are not scanning regularly
馃憟 Purchasing & showing up
Fans that have purchased tickets, owned, and scanned tickets
馃嵀 Owned, scanned, high spend
Highly likely to show up soon, scan their ticket, and spend money

Android update to API 30
Android TicketMaster SDK 2.5.1 upgrade
Winter sports launched with StatsBroadcast provider for College Stats within Mobile Application
iOS: layout/padding between Radio widget and button bar enhanced
iOS: Error message for Check Ins
Audience Insights that allows the ability for value/insight into audiences within a users workflow.
iOS layout update between radio widget and button bar
Communication sorting where users are now able to sort by useful metrics (most impressions, least engaged, etc.) when viewing their mobile communications.
IOS USLPHX Launch Image updates
IOS stats notifications user experience improvement
馃搷IOS Zip code on registration where fans will now be prompted to provide their zip code when they register. The field also has some basic logic/validation built in to prevent invalid zip codes from being submitted.
Android TicketMaster SDK update v2.4.0
The growing list of standard and premium audiences are now better organized to ensure you can navigate all the great content. We also have logical groupings based on indicated workflows (see thumbnails across the top of the Audiences page)
When a custom audience is being created, you will now be presented with an additional question of how long you want the audience saved for, 鈥60 days or 1 year. This will prevent audiences staying active forever, processing into perpetuity.
The default option is 1 year
If you accesses an archived audience, you can reactivate the audience for an additional 60 days or 1 year.
Saving an audience for 鈥榝orever鈥 is limited. If you need an audience persisting forever, please submit a ticket at
Forms allows you to create a series of entry fields (aka a form) that fans can input their responses based on your prompts. The data the fan enters goes directly to their Fan Profile. The forms are not limited to any platform so you can link to them in your mobile coms, email, social media, etc.
Now you can select a different link type in the platform to support live content coming from YouTube to stream within their app.
Critical Ticketmaster update 2.3.1 has been updated
鈿狅笍 DELAYED LAUNCH DUE TO DATA PROCESSING鈿狅笍 Mobile communications are now able to be sorted by useful metrics (most impressions, least engaged, etc.)
Mobile push notifications now show an image and text preview on mobile devices so users can view more rich content on each notification before opening the app
Push notifications for Stat Broadcast are now streaming into the apps
Note: Football is currently working and the other sports are being added soon
Hockey sport type accurately reflecting 鈥楬ockey鈥
Maps on iOS transitioned to latest technology stack
Date range selection now supports selecting a single day
馃槓 Standard Content
This type of content will continue to be built out over time to ensure the platform continues to streamline frequent workflows and support future Playbook automations.
馃暫 is now in audience builder as an audience segmentation
馃暫 is now in audience builder as a segmentation. This measures how frequently the fan interacts with the brand over time.
has streamlined interactions and increased data access to the fan profile.
馃師 Ticket history table provides a detailed view when double clicked
Link sharing (aka ) allows you to copy links to sections within the mobile app and share them both internally (to app users) and externally (social media, email). Links can help drive new fans to the app and/or direct fans to very specific content within the app to complete a certain task (i.e. update zip code, link directly to Edit Profile).
Released mobile app updates to iOS store to resolve last bug in featured sections. iOS fans are getting the app updates which takes approx 3 days for the fans to install the app update.
馃挵 V2
Campaigns Beta allows you to track ticket sales, review insights about the purchasers, and retarget specific fans from your campaign. Please take a look at the various insights and let us know what other information would be helpful for your team to track.
If you have as your integration, you should be able to view all the insights that we have completed so far. Other ticketing integrations will not be able to filter by products, yet.
馃幆 Retargeting from Insights
Retarget to email/comm & save as audience options added to all clickable (blue colored) metrics on email/comm performance pages
鉂わ笍鈥嶐煩 Recovered Buyer State
Fans that purchase a ticket after being a Lapsed Buyer will now be converted to a Recovered Buyer. This will help reflect the hard work that goes into converting previous ticket buyers.
馃槓 Standard Content
This type of content will continue to be built out over time to ensure the platform continues to streamline frequent workflows and support future Playbook automations.
standard audiences and filters are available to all clients
standard audiences are available to all clients
Updated imagery for lock screen/unregistered users to encourage fans to register within the mobile app
Removed the ability to delete an audience that is part of another audience
Removed the ability to delete a tag that is used in an audience
Added search to tags administration

Team Activity report 馃搳

The Reports tab has been discontinued. In its place, you鈥檒l see a new Team Activity report under Sales in the nav. This report shows all touchpoints recorded by your team, with filters for date, rep and program.
Lead Score 馃弲

A new lead score attribute has been added. You鈥檒l see each fan鈥檚 individual score on their profile, as well as a new standard audience for top lead scores, and a filter for the same thing on program fan lists.

Mobile Link Sharing

馃敆 Over the coming week, you鈥檒l notice a new page under Mobile called Link Sharing, which enables you to share links into your app from other channels like social media and email. We also updated the link selection in Mobile Communications.

鉁夛笍 When using FanThreeSixty Email, we now validate that all dynamic fields are valid before you send the email.
鈾伙笍 Retargeting enhancements
You can now use retargeting to send new emails/comms by clicking the blue opens/clicks number on emails.
You can now use retargeting to send an email from the trivia retargeting option in communications.

NEW: The FanThreeSixty Playbook

馃張 for brand new tutorials, case studies, and content inspiration. Topics include Fan Engagement, Revenue, Organizational Efficiency, and Fan Knowledge.
Recent fans

馃搵 When you click into the search bar, you鈥檒l see your five most recently visited fans

馃搳 On Audience Insights, you can now filter your audience/metrics by profile source, DMA and buyer type
Admin & settings

鉁 The Manage Team and Manage Tags page have an updated look and feel



馃挮 Audience Insights is a new way to view and learn about your fans! Here are the highlights of what鈥檚 changed:
The new Audience Insights home page gives you a quick overview of key segments of your fanbase and serves as the launching point for deeper insights and actions to engage your fans.
The 鈥standard audiences鈥 you see on this page are core segments of your fanbase created automatically by the FanThreeSixty platform. Below the standard audiences, you can still see our recommended groups and any custom audiences you鈥檝e created in the platform.
When you click on an audience card, you鈥檒l come to a detail page with up-to-date, aggregated insights about those fans.
Quick actions make it easy to start a new communication, email or program directly from the home page or insights page.

For more specific details about where to find existing functionality, see the .
Fan profile

馃懇馃徎鈥嶐煢 The fanview page now has a more modern and scannable layout! Everything that was previously on the fanview is still here, including contact info, tags, active programs and notes. We鈥檝e also added some new features, including:
Activity tags 鈥 These blue tags under contact information show if a fan is an app user, has purchased tickets or has opened an email.
Ticketing insights 鈥 If a fan has ticket purchases, you can see their yearly spend, their average ticket price and the date of their last purchase
Imported files 鈥 You can see what imported files a fan has and can open to a specific file directly from this page

You can access the full ticket history table and import details from this page. Note that you can see fan preferences (from their mobile app registration) on the fan details page 鈥 click 鈥All profile info.
Mobile events

馃搮 The events builder for mobile has a new look and feel! Now it鈥檚 easier to view and manage the events in your app. Highlights include:
See all past and future events
Colleges can see all events without needing to choose a sport first
The list view shows if there are stats or a radio broadcast associated with the event
The card preview shows logos and records
Mobile analytics

馃搳 The Mobile Traffic Analytics report is updated with a new, more user-friendly layout! Improvements include:
Data is aggregated for you so you don鈥檛 have to filter
Added trends over time
More visualizations make the data more scannable
The list of top screens now shows the name of the page
Mobile sponsors

馃憖 We are now tracking impressions for sponsored launch pages on the mobile app. (Updating and managing the app launch page still follows its same process; consult your client success rep for more information.)


馃攧 To improve performance, we鈥檝e changed the way Audience counts update. What you need to know:
Audiences update automatically as you use them
If you view or use the Audience, it will update right then. No need to refresh!
If you use the Audience in another context (Comms, Email, etc), the fan count will update

If you have any issues in the FanThreeSixty platform, please let us know by emailing:
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