🚀 Release Notes



Link sharing (aka
) allows you to copy links to sections within the mobile app and share them both internally (to app users) and externally (social media, email). Links can help drive new fans to the app and/or direct fans to very specific content within the app to complete a certain task (i.e. update zip code, link directly to Edit Profile).
Released mobile app updates to iOS store to resolve last bug in featured sections. iOS fans are getting the app updates which takes approx 3 days for the fans to install the app update.


Campaigns Beta allows you to track ticket sales, review insights about the purchasers, and retarget specific fans from your campaign. Please take a look at the various insights and let us know what other information would be helpful for your team to track.
If you have as your integration, you should be able to view all the insights that we have completed so far. Other ticketing integrations will not be able to filter by products, yet.

🎯 Retargeting from Insights

Retarget to email/comm & save as audience options added to all clickable (blue colored) metrics on email/comm performance pages

❤️‍🩹 Recovered Buyer State

Fans that purchase a ticket after being a Lapsed Buyer will now be converted to a Recovered Buyer. This will help reflect the hard work that goes into converting previous ticket buyers.

😐 Standard Content

This type of content will continue to be built out over time to ensure the platform continues to streamline frequent workflows and support future Playbook automations.
standard audiences and filters are available to all clients
standard audiences are available to all clients


Updated imagery for lock screen/unregistered users to encourage fans to register within the mobile app
Removed the ability to delete an audience that is part of another audience
Removed the ability to delete a tag that is used in an audience
Added search to tags administration


Team Activity report 📊

The Reports tab has been discontinued. In its place, you’ll see a new Team Activity report under
in the nav. This report shows all touchpoints recorded by your team, with filters for date, rep and program.

Lead Score 🏅

A new lead score attribute has been added. You’ll see each fan’s individual score on their profile, as well as a new standard audience for top lead scores, and a filter for the same thing on program fan lists.


Mobile Link Sharing

Over the coming week, you’ll notice a new page under Mobile called
Link Sharing
, which enables you to share links into your app from other channels like social media and email. We also updated the link selection in Mobile Communications.


✉️ When using
FanThreeSixty Email,
we now validate that all dynamic fields are valid before you send the email.

♻️ Retargeting enhancements
You can now use retargeting to send new emails/comms by clicking the blue opens/clicks number on emails.
You can now use retargeting to send an email from the trivia retargeting option in communications.


NEW: The FanThreeSixty Playbook

for brand new tutorials, case studies, and content inspiration. Topics include Fan Engagement, Revenue, Organizational Efficiency, and Fan Knowledge.

Recent fans

📋 When you click into the search bar, you’ll see your five most recently visited fans


📊 On
Audience Insights
, you can now filter your audience/metrics by profile source, DMA and buyer type

Admin & settings

✨ The
Manage Team
Manage Tags
page have an updated look and feel



💫 Audience Insights
is a new way to view and learn about your fans! Here are the highlights of what’s changed:

The new Audience Insights
home page
gives you a quick overview of key segments of your fanbase and serves as the launching point for deeper insights and actions to engage your fans.
The “
standard audiences
” you see on this page are core segments of your fanbase created automatically by the FanThreeSixty platform. Below the standard audiences, you can still see our recommended groups and any custom audiences you’ve created in the platform.
When you click on an audience card, you’ll come to a detail page with up-to-date, aggregated
about those fans.
Quick actions
make it easy to start a new communication, email or program directly from the home page or insights page.

For more specific details about where to find existing functionality, see the

Fan profile

👩🏻‍🦰 The
page now has a more modern and scannable layout! Everything that was previously on the fanview is still here, including contact info, tags, active programs and notes. We’ve also added some new features, including:

Activity tags
— These blue tags under contact information show if a fan is an app user, has purchased tickets or has opened an email.
Ticketing insights
— If a fan has ticket purchases, you can see their yearly spend, their average ticket price and the date of their last purchase
Imported files
— You can see what imported files a fan has and can open to a specific file directly from this page

You can access the full ticket history table and import details from this page. Note that you can see fan
(from their mobile app registration) on the fan details page — click “
All profile info.

Mobile events

📅 The events builder for mobile has a new look and feel! Now it’s easier to view and manage the events in your app. Highlights include:

all past
and future events
Colleges can
see all events
without needing to choose a sport first
The list view shows if there are
stats or a radio broadcast
associated with the event
The card
shows logos and records

Mobile analytics

📊 The
Mobile Traffic Analytics
report is updated with a new, more user-friendly layout! Improvements include:

Data is aggregated for you so you don’t have to filter
Added trends over time
More visualizations make the data more scannable
The list of top screens now shows the name of the page

Mobile sponsors

👀 We are now tracking impressions for
sponsored launch pages
on the mobile app. (Updating and managing the app launch page still follows its same process; consult your client success rep for more information.)



🔄 To improve performance, we’ve changed the way Audience counts update. What you need to know:

Audiences update automatically as you use them
If you view or use the Audience, it will update
right then.
No need to refresh!
If you use the Audience in another context (Comms, Email, etc), the fan count will update

If you have any issues in the FanThreeSixty platform, please let us know by emailing:
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