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FanThreeSixty - Release Notes

🚀 Release Notes

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Custom background images - When creating a form, you can now add images yourself to customize the background.
The SeatGeek attendance scans are no longer failing.
Events Time zone issue has been resolved.
Accounts/programs slow loading times issue has been resolved.


Users without the loyalty scanner tag are no longer seeing the Member button, and are no longer able to scan.
Youtube videos hidden on the website are no longer showing in the app.


The Ticketmaster SDK deep-linking issue has been fixed.
Forms functionality has been restored.


The “Birthdays Next Month” audience issue has been resolved.


The Password reset issue for FPD has been fixed.
The issue causing lead scores to show up in fan lists but not the fan full profile has been fixed.
The deployment builder error (Failing on client build) has been fixed.
The issue causing the platform to show old emails being sent on 6/1 has been fixed.
The issue preventing times to be updated on existing events has been fixed.
The issue preventing event start/end time validations has been fixed.
The issue causing the Deployment Builder error (Failing on Client Build) for mobile clients has been fixed.


Platform creating web view tabs bug has been fixed.
The deployment builder failing on Client Build portion bug has been fixed.
The bug for mobile (Android) users preventing Facebook sign in has been fixed.
The bug for mobile (Android) users which changes the FanCam language has been fixed.


Lead scores showing up in Fan Lists but not full Fan Profile has been fixed.


SeatGeek Ticketing Integration ✅ New Integration
Our clients that use SeatGeek are now able to pull in their data seamlessly with no manual upload / data management required.
Customer Loyalty
FanScan - Fans can now scan QR codes with their own devices for location based check-ins. This provides another method of tracking attendance to events (especially ones that don’t have tickets).


Standard Content - Two new standard audiences have been added to the catalog.
Contacted this week but no connection.
No responses this week (Texting only).



All apps now accept Canadian zip codes.
New tabs occasionally not loading correctly has been fixed.



Ticketmaster SDK version 2.16.1 iOS app breaking issue has been fixed.


(Powered by Twilio)
Number Switcher - Users are able to 'switch' between lines if they are assigned an Admin. This is a more advanced workflow as it can be confusing which line the user is sending a text from. This feature is helpful when staff members are out of the office or adhoc assistance is needed when responding to a lot of messages.
Messages can now be sent directly from the fan profile. The user no longer needs to navigate to the conversations page to message a user.


Filtering a standard audience by DMA only shows one available DMA issue resolved.
iOS - Gender selection in profile not functioning if postal code has not been selected - Fixed.


(Powered by Twilio)
Mobile friendly UI on conversations page
Phone number will now display for messages from fans outside of FTS system


iOS - User interface issue when clicking drop-down to select venue resolved
Images now included in alerts for app communications
New User Additions to the Platform issue resolved
Phone widget appending tel: to the NavigationValue issue resolved
Duplicate events in app issue resolved


Integrations/Platform User Interface ✅ New Feature
User interface page that shows a list of integrations supported by FanThreeSixty.
: Enhanced fan engagement level tracking. Emphasizes tracking of fan ticket purchases over time. Engagements are weighted by recency and type.


(Powered by Twilio)✅ New Feature
Ability to create and view conversations and engage fan by fan level via SMS text message.


All Clients/ iOS - Incorrect images displaying in apps - Fixed.



All Clients
Draft vs. active configurations out of sync - Fixed.



All Clients
StatBroadcast displaying 401 error on all calls - Fixed.
Fan Cam Deep Links are not working - Fixed.
Sponsorship values are showing at the fan profile level- Fixed.
Stat Broadcast live will not process correctly if live stats are tied to two separate events - Fixed.



All Clients
Draft vs Active configurations out of sync - Fixed.
Sponsorship values are showing on the fan profile level - Fixed.
All WMT Clients
Roster/Number column not being removed when they contain no data - Fixed.
Additional Links added for VenueNext
CUE SDK update from 2.9.2 to 3.8.5
TicketMaster update from 2.12.1 to 2.15.0


Loyalty widget now applies only to featured events. Users no longer have to manage the loyalty feature on every event thus creating a more user friendly experience.


Emails can now be filtered by date.
Get a complete picture of your fanbase by connecting separate sources of fan data into single profiles, each packed with actionable insights.
New Feature
The ability to manually add a customer loyalty number via link from a fan’s personal profile and/or event pages.
Add to Wallet.
Users may now add their loyalty card QR code directly to their wallet on their device.
New Feature
Now supporting Sign in capability with Ticketmaster log in information.


Brand Settings
The Brand Logo is being used for the account bubble in the top right corner.
The brand color is being used as the default color in the forms builder and the new email builder.

The ability for users to manage a queue of possible profile matches. Users are now able to join two profiles that should be the same person or unlink a profile that really belongs to more than one person. To learn more about Fan linking and unlinking workflows check out the page within Knowledge Center.


All Clients:
Audiences aren’t pulling data in for clients without ticket data - Fixed.


Standard Content
Bulk Actions: Allow a user to apply something to multiple events at a time
Communications: Users may now close multiple communications at a time instead of having to close each one individually.
Events: Users may now make changes to featured events, radio links, and similar updates that are tied to multiple events at once.
: Users may now add tags to multiple messages at once (Communications groups, Playbooks, Sponsors).
Images: Users may now edit event images in bulk.
Forms Enhancements
New addition of a forms template which will allow users to link events to forms, and to view experience results.
Experience results may be viewed from event insights, form insights, and import details.
The Thank You message is now customizable.
New addition of a widget for users of StatsBroadcast as a stat provider (specifically college teams with mobile apps) which allows users to:
Edit final scores.
Toggle push notifications off and on for games.
Toggle which teams are marked as “Home” or “Away” if they are wrong in the feed.
Add a StatBroadcast ID if its missing on game day.


Eloqua email: For users formerly on Paciolan Adobe and transitioned to Eloqua email users will soon be able to see Eloqua data.
Android: TM SDK version update – 2.12.1.
Android: Seatgeek version update – 4.4.0.
Android: Updated icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Android: New icon for Tiktok.
Android: Share content analytics and updated button to match your organization’s color.
Android: Profile picture bug has been fixed.
Android: Mobile users can now request a user deletion from profile settings.


(SSO): With a secure, unified credential system, you can sign into your Ticketmaster and FanThreeSixty using a single sign-in (username/password). With this new sign-in, not only is your account more secure, you no longer have to remember several username/passwords and can access your tickets faster within the mobile application.
For existing users, no change to occur if already logged into the mobile application.
Will be released in two waves and your Client Success Representative will share when your site is released.
Ticket ID enhancement impacting all ticketing sources and the order of Ticket ID on fan view to evaluate fans with multiple ticketing accounts; changed to evaluate and display the most recent Ticket ID. Users can find this change for fans on fan view and within exports where the most recent Ticket ID will display first when fans have multiple ticketing accounts.


IOS and Android: VenueNext SDK
IOS: Mobile users can now request a user deletion from profile settings.
IOS and Android: Users will now have the ability to from Mobile Applications


Automated Email Templates:
Email Template Name
👋 Welcome new fans
New fans
Greet new fans with an offer
🙏 Thank first-time buyers
First-time buyers
Incentivize first-time fans to come again
🎂 Birthday offer
Birthdays this month
Surprise fans with a gift on their birthday
🤝🏿 Introduce your app
New fans without the app
Encourage new fans to download the app
✨ Reward your best fans
Super fans etc
Make your most dedicated fans feel special
There are no rows in this table


🚨 About to lapse: Fans that have purchased tickets for an event 370 days ago, but do not own a ticket to a future event
🔥 Top leads who do not have a ticket: Fans with a high lead score but no tickets to a future event
🛎: Fans who have donated within the last five years but have not yet donated in the current drive year


Donor Data:

For users that have Donor Data loaded within their platform the following enhancements are available:
Fan Profile displays “donor” for a specific fan if they are a donor
Donor Audiences and total donations filter including: All Donors, High Donors, Medium Donors, Low Donors

Standard Content

Forms: Custom ticket interest options are available


Refresh featured audiences on home page ✅
Android Communications Paging enhancement to performance ✅
Android Google maps SDK 18.0.0 update ✅
Android Facebook SDK 13.0.0 update ✅



Autogenerating Trivia Audience: reward fans that answer a question or questions correctly. These new audiences generate on their own and will automatically archive after 30 days.
Interactive maps: This feature has been deprecated in favor of using Google Maps. Review documentation for guidance on how to generate an interactive map with Google.



Product preview: Now get a brief description of all FTS products within the web experience



Lacrosse Stats/Notifications: This will add push notification support for our StatBroadcast clients for start of game, end of quarter, and end of game for lacrosse.



Schedule by Event: Users can now send mobile and email communications by event when scheduling a message.
(mobile communications)



📁 Data Import enhancements when uploading files include:
Create a new import by default: Import will be set to the default of a “new file”. To append a file to an existing import, users can click on that import in the list, then click “add another file.”
Unique identifier options: Only email or account ID are available by default for users. For files that do need a secondary identifier (i.e., if there is more than one row per fan), users can select that under Advanced Settings.
Data source default: A data source is selected for users by default. Users can change this if a user has another custom source.
Fewer mapping options in list: Users can only map to the fields that go directly onto the profile. For all other attributes, users can select “Import as a custom attribute,” and mapping options behave the same way they did before.
Default formatting for fields: To streamline the process, a default format will accept for Do not solicit and birthday. So, to import correctly, the file will need to have the correct formatting included before uploading. Please see Knowledge Center for more information.
How to target/activate your imported fans: Users can still segment as before, but can also retarget imported fans directly if users click on the import in the list and then click on the blue “fans” number on the detail page. Users can now also see information about their export like:
How many rows were not imported
How many new fans were identified by your file.



💰📈 creates the ability to monetize impact of a sponsorship by multiplying impressions, fan dollars and number of assets.


📊 supports the ability to have value/insights into communications available within the users workflow (previous information displayed within tableau reports) such as:
Communications sent/by type
Engagement rate/by type
Top performers
Filter by date
Filter by campaign tags.
While also enhancing features by adding:
A date filter
Move “entity” tag filters out of the ‘more’ button
Ability to sort by highest engagement and highest impressions
Ability to view fan insights for all who engaged with selected communications
Ability to retarget by selecting a button
Insights about what card type or tags have better engagement
Make parent organizations have the ability to see metrics page by use of a filter
📱Android TicketMaster SDK White Screen
📱IOS Seatgeek SDK update: New swift and Xcode version
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