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Curated list of resources that I use daily to learn Chinese.
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I study HSK lists but sometimes I also add random words and sentences that feel more common and fluent in Chinese.

App created to allow a customized experience for chinese learning. It has custom library of words and sentences.
I can customize vocabulary and grammar to learn and track progress.
Vocabulary is learnt with flashcards, grammar by doing translation on English sentences.

So far the best method for just learning HSK vocabulary. It uses spaced repetition memory system.

I review HSK4 words; all are currently learned on young or mature state.
I study HSK5 words.

Dictionary, my #1 source to gather similar words to study or look for the meaning of words.



I only read books that I can understand at 80-90%, without support of a dictionary.

Graded readers


I use this tool to practice listening with TV shows.
I can mark vocabulary that I’m currently learning, and detect it in any TV show.
I can track % of known words in each TV show to identify in advance if watching that episode is suitable for me. I normally don’t watch it if % of unknown words is > 50% (Study words + Known words needs to be higher than 50%).
I can practice directly sentences with words I’m studying with Phrasebump.

Best format I found so far for listening, specifically for levels HSK1 - HSK3. Videos on YouTube are even better because the teacher uses gestures also.

Started after HSK4. Now I can understand a lot of shows without much problem. Wouldn’t recommend it for anything lower than HSK4 or even HSK5 sometimes.



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