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Scattered Letters


Pobrecito_Scattered Logo.png

For applications where Pobrecito would like to and has enough visual room to be more bold and playful, the orientation of Pobrecito’s letters can be scattered on a space. Whereas the letters themselves look like they’re about to explode, this would express how it might look if the letters actually went off! It functions both as a brand signature and a unique visual element for the


Pobrecito_Scattered Arrangement.png
The letters are encouraged to be arranged in a playful yet readable manner. Always consider that people read from left to right, and up to down.


Pobrecito_Scattered Cropping.png
Parts of the letters can be cropped out of the frame as long as they are still readable.


Pobrecito_Misuse S 1.png
Do not use colors or color combinations that are off brand.
Pobrecito_Misuse S 3.png
Do not rearrange the letters of the logo.
Pobrecito_Misuse S 2.png
Do not make the letters overlap with each other to the point where the logo becomes illegible.
Pobrecito_Misuse S 4.png
Do not crop out whole letters of the logo.

Since its use and function is very specific, do not treat this iteration as that of a standard lock-up. For situations that need more visibility & clarity for the Pobrecito brand name, use the Main or Stacked Lock-ups.

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