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POSRocket Core Values

+Our beliefs, what keeps us aligned and ultimately what we stand for.

Be professional and flexible

Own your work.
Adapt and act fast.
Celebrate differences.

Our work is a reflection of us, we put all into it. We’re all astronauts. We’re committed, responsible and accountable for every word we say, every challenge we take and every task we complete. We’re fast paced in our delivery and agile in adapting to present situations. We only occasionally wear suits yet we remain professional at all times. We accept differences in culture, opinions and backgrounds. We listen, understand, and respond calmly & clearly, always addressing the idea; never the person.

Lead by example

Be second to none.
Treat everyone equally and respectfully.
Share the good & the bad.

Continuously seeking new challenges , we push our limits and strive to become the best versions of ourselves. We are our own role models and an inspiration to others. We stand for equality and give respect generously expecting nothing in return. We share talent, skill and knowledge, leaving no aces up our sleeves. We share the bad to stay real, to overcome any conflict and to face all our fears.

Live ‘The entrepreneur’

Love what you do.
Make bold bets.
Find comfort in uncertainty.

We’re all entrepreneurs. We hold lots of love and passion for our purpose. We have what it takes to be on the front-line and do not seek the easy path. The day we signed up marks our first bold bet; on ourselves and our abilities. We find comfort in uncertainty, welcome every challenge, overcome every obstacle and have faith in our success.

Impact Lives

Be your own impact.
Make a difference.
Build to last.

Delivering impact to others is a reflection of the impact we make on ourselves and our lives. Whatever we do is a force driving change, creating a positive dent somewhere in this universe. We nurture the little things that make the biggest impact. We live a culture and build products to withstand the test of time and still be relevant and impactful tomorrow as they are today.

Love your customers

Empower growth.
Create win-wins.
Serve with a smile.

Our customers are the centre of our attention. We seek and embrace opportunities to make better products driving growth and success. We listen, learn and always serve with a smile. We say “Yes” when they expect us to say “No”, yet when we say no, we find the right way to say it. The only route to success is making them successful. They are long term partners; their win comes first, while ours is the byproduct.

Breath Innovation

Look far and think big.
Embrace “can do!”.
Enrich with value.

We live locally and build globally. Our big hairy audacious goal is to be the most innovative growth-accelerating platform in retail tech. We consistently say “we can” and never fail to find solutions. We firmly believe innovation equally co-exists in product, operations and culture. We envision and invent what’s valuable, bring in what’s out there and add our take on it, enriching with value and making it accessible to all.

Drive proactivity with data

Measure what matters.
Anticipate and act.
Do the right thing.

At the core, we’re a data platform. We spec our products and design our operations to be able to gather, measure and analyze; remaining in the driver’s seat throughout. Using reference and insight, we anticipate and act rather than react. We back our answers, decisions and facts with measurable numbers and do what’s best - in our judgement - for our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

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