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To be the most innovative success-driving and growth-accelerating platform in retail tech.


Conquer the moment of exchange - physical or virtual - by designing and building a unique merchant-centric point of sale experience; satisfying end customers and fueling apps to create a value-driven ecosystem for a borderless network of merchants.



During previous endeavor with iFood. There was a struggle with point of sale systems, could not fully automate the process, reduce overheads, eliminate wrongly handled orders nor further enhance the customer experience. Legacy POS systems in the region are way outdated, complex and expensive. The point-of-sale is the core of a customer-merchant interaction and transaction.


We wrote the first line of code in April 2016. We had our first MVP installed in June at a restaurant in Amman. Then we tested the product for 2 months and August 1st was the first official operational day at POSRocket.
We had a 30sqm room and team ready, and less than a month later, we had our first paying client. Then we opened our offices in Egypt in December 2016 and we have been expanding ever since.


Company launch date: 1 Aug 2016
Launching EG office: Jan. 2017
$1m in transactions: May 2017
100 shops: Jun 2017
Seed Investment: Jul 2017
200 shops: Nov 2017
Series A Investment: Jul 2018
Launching KW office: Sep 2018
Launchpad API platform release: Jan 2019
1000 shops: Jul 2019
Operations in KSA: Jan 2020

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