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Information for Students

VIP projects enable undergraduate students to experience cutting edge research by joining one of the current exciting research projects in the Engineering & Science discipline. You will work alongside fellow undergraduate and postgraduate students under supervision of an academic research staff who is leading the research project.


Research Experience
Participate in authentic research projects led by our world leading researchers.
Be part of a team that is generating impactful outcomes that for society and the environment.
Gain real experience in innovation and research practices and make meaningful contributions to the research effort.

Enhance your Employability
Develop leadership, management and research skills to increase your employability. Add research experience to your CV.
Working in a dynamic teams, you will develop your interpersonal skills, teamwork, communication and time management skills.
Build problem-solving skills and resilience by tackling authentic real-world problems that are open-ended.
Develop hands-on machine and tooling skills through the Engineering Makerspace and Design Studio.

Earn Recognition and Credit
Earn credit towards Capstone units and complete capstone projects over multiple years.
Earn credit towards your engineering work experience requirements.
Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Research Practice and VU Extra Statement.


Students working on projects for capstone must be enrolled in NEF4101 & NEF4102 and follow assessment requirements of the capstone units.
Commit to a minimum of 6 weeks equivalent full time. For engineering students, this will quality them for 6 weeks work experience.
Participate in the end-of-year VIP Conference.
Attend all regular meetings scheduled by the Project Supervisor and student leaders.
Fulfil the project requirements of progress and results reporting
Participate in peer assessment.


Capstone students
Assessments for capstone students is as per the assessment requirements in NEF4101 & NEF4102.
Junior students
Junior students fulfil the requirements for recognition in the following ways:
✓ Participate for a minimum period equivalent to 6 weeks full time.
✓ Maintain a regular research journal.
✓ Attend at least 80% of scheduled meetings.
✓ Complete reflection report at the end of the research assistant period.
✓ Pass annual, peer assessment.

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