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Information for Staff

VIP projects enable research staff to include undergraduate students in their research teams. This expands the human capital available on the project and enables more ambitious, larger scale and more long term activities as well as higher research output. UG project work supports higher level research goals undertaken by staff and their postgraduate students.
The program promotes and raises awareness amongst UG students about the College’s research activities. Early exposure to research projects provide opportunities to potentially recruit students for postgraduate studies.


Postgraduate students Take responsibility for significant research activities to satisfy the requirements for their postgraduate degrees. Their activities can be broken down into small research activities allocated to UG students. PG students play a mentoring and leadership role to UG students and manage sub-projects under them.
Capstone students take significant responsibility for sub-projects allocated to them. This includes conducting a substantial literature review, developing a project proposal, writing a project report at the end of the project and presenting the project outcomes to meet the requirements of the Capstone units.
Junior students participate as research assistants to capstone and PG students. For engineering students, time spent on VIP projects can earn students 6-weeks work experience that count towards their engineering work experience requirements.

How To Get Involved

Consider if the VIP program could benefit your research activities. VIP projects suit academics currently undertaking research projects and requiring more human capital. The academic must be willing to provide supervisory and assessment time to junior students outside of their usual workload (supervision of capstone students earn the usual supervisory workload).
Register your research project with the VIP Office to advertise and promote the project to UG students.
Develop Capstone project proposals and submit proposals to the Capstone Unit Convenor for approval. For each Capstone student, a separate Project Brief is required. If the project requests students from another discipline area, approval from that discipline Course Convenor is required for the requesting staff to supervise that student.
Recruit students from year levels 1 onwards. 4th year students who undertake the project for their Capstone must be enrolled in NEF4101 and NEF4102 to earn credit towards their capstone requirements. 1st to 3rd year students can work towards their capstone requirements early, enabling them to start their capstone ahead of enrolment and affording them more time to complete their capstone project.
Supervise and assess students as per the assessment guidelines.


Capstone students
Assessments for capstone students is as per the assessment requirements in NEF4101 & NEF4102.
Junior students
Junior students fulfil the requirements for recognition in the following ways:
✓ Participate for a minimum period equivalent to 6 weeks full time.
✓ Maintain a regular research journal.
✓ Attend at least 80% of scheduled meetings.
✓ Complete reflection report at the end of the research assistant period.
✓ Pass annual, peer assessment.
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