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Vertically-Integrated Projects

Bokashi Swap

Innovation in Recycling Apartment Food Waste
Our goal is to reduce food waste from apartments going to landfill.
Bokashi Swap is a sustainability project that aims to eliminate organic food waste from apartments by providing a simple and convenient way to dispose of food waste using a smart Bokashi bin along and smart locker.
How it Works:
Participants sign up to the Bokashi Swap program and download the app with a unique user ID and QR code.
Collect organic food waste from kitchen using our specially built kitchen caddy (Bokashi bin) that eliminates rotting food smell).
When the bin is full take it to a Smart Locker in their apartment and swap over for a clean, empty bin.
The full bins are collected and processed into nutrient-rich compost to nourish soil.

Our research activities include:
Developing a smart locker system
Developing smart bin
Building the app
Monitoring and evaluating behaviour changes and the impact on waste reduction due to the program
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Project Team

Associate Professor Thinh Nguyen (Project Supervisor)
Brian France (IT)
Peter Hans (IT)
Ella Mei Reade (Mechanical Engineering)
Devin Johnson (Electrical Engineering)

Join the Team
We are looking for students from all engineering and building disciplines.
Capstone projects are available for mechanical and electrical engineering students.

To express your interest in joining the team, or for further information, contact Associate Professor Thinh Nguyen at .

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