Emails for Retention

Create a “choose your own adventure” email course to learn user priorities
Send an annual industry survey to learn from them + share the results
Invite users to an annual check-in call
Ask customers to leave a review or NPS rating
Ask users to click on their favorite feature from a list
A/B test using different use cases or USPs when introducing a new feature
Ask for user answers to business/industry questions and share results with the community
Invite users to be the first to test a new feature

Provide a free guide
Send an interesting industry stat or trend
Record an interview with an industry leader
Invite to a webinar
Share work or productivity tips
Summarize most interesting learnings or discussion from conferences
Reintroduce an existing (even underused) feature
Show off an interesting way to use different features together to accomplish a task
Remind users about your other social channels or communities
Answer commonly asked questions
Present new business strategies
Promote outside resources
Offer to send a suggestion to their top problem
Provide resources for particular niches or roles

Share user stats or congratulate progress
Highlight customer wins
Give stats on productivity of entire customer base
Create a competition among the community
Show examples or results from using a feature

Promote referral program
Have a flash upgrade sale
Talk about use case for feature or level only available in higher plan
Connect a higher-plan feature to achieving a coveted business goal

Introduce customers to your team
Share the thought process behind your business decisions
Celebrate with them when you hit a business goal
Tell a funny company story

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