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Society Website Update Guidelines

General Instructions

Event Page Updates:
Replace full event cards from last year with event logos and descriptions.
For event descriptions, consult the MNP or Events Department for detailed information.

Specific Updates

Event Integration:
Correct the description of the UX event; it should be distinct from the LDF event.
Integrate the Takleek series into the event descriptions.
Partner Section:
Update partner logos as necessary.
Hero Banner:
Change the hero banner.
Photo Frames:
Request new photo frames from the Design Department.
Project Descriptions:
Include details about the merge design project, pixel booklet, and pixel map.
Mention collaboration with the PhotoLums Society and the yearbook design for the previous batch.

Website Content and Design

Nova Section:
Keep the Nova section but change its logo and remove the card bricks.
HR Collaboration:
Work with HR to integrate one-liner descriptions for the directorate and team sections.
Homepage Illustrations:
Consult the Design Department for better illustrations that align with the website’s vision, core values, and mission.

Additional Features

Contact Us Section:
Add a contact us form or link on the website.
LDF Event Scheduling:
Include a takeover permalink on the navbar for LDF event scheduling.
Add a "View More" button below the LDF description to link to the LDF page.
UX Pakistan Link:
Under the UX Pakistan section, add a "View More" button linking to the UX Pakistan website.

Action Items for Departments

Events Department:
Provide updated event descriptions and details.
Design Department:
Supply new photo frames.
Propose illustrations for the homepage.
HR Department:
Compile and provide one-liner descriptions for team and directorate sections.
Add Parallex Optimization

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