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Welcome to Dani AI, your all-in-one platform to engage with AI-powered, healthcare chatbots. Our chatbots help healthcare leaders tackle challenges in patient experience, quality improvement, HR, communications, and more. Click on a chatbot below to use its skills.
AI Experts
Alex v1.png
Communications Specialist
✉️ Draft Emails 📝 Improve Writing
Jay v1.png
Patient Safety Expert
📉 Research Pt. Safety Topics
Lane v1 (2).png
Marketing Expert
🔗 Create LinkedIn Posts 📝 Create Blogs ⌨️ Create Press Releases
Lee v6.png
Human Resources Expert
👥 Advise on HR Situations
Ash v2.png
Quality Improvement Expert
💡 Create QI Ideas
Kim (931 × 239 px) (2).png
Project Management Consultant
📆 Create Project Plans 📝 Create Project Documentation ❗ Conduct Risk Analyses
Max v1.png
Executive Coach
😀 Advise on Well-being 💼 Advise on Development
Sam v1.png
Patient Experience Expert
👍 Research Pt. Exp. Topics


Tyler Office.png
👋 Hi, I’m Tyler. I built Dani AI as a way for healthcare leaders to start their journey of embracing AI, particularly ChatGPT. Hopefully, operations leaders can learn how to leverage these tools so they can better focus on taking care of their staff and patients.
If you have ideas on how to improve or if there’s an AI bot I can build for your use case, please let me know; I’d appreciate any feedback. Here I am on if you want to connect.

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