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Clients questions

Understanding Your Business

What is the core service/product of your business?
Example Answer: "We specialize in eco-friendly home cleaning products that are safe for families and pets."
What are your business goals and objectives?
Example Answer: "Our main goal is to increase online sales by 30% over the next year and expand our product line."
Who is your target audience?
Example Answer: "Our target audience is environmentally conscious homeowners between the ages of 25 and 45."
What challenges are you currently facing in your business?
Example Answer: "We struggle with reaching a wider audience online and converting website visitors into customers."
What differentiates your business from competitors?
Example Answer: "Our products are 100% organic and come in biodegradable packaging, unlike many competitors."
Can you describe your current customer acquisition process?
Example Answer: "Mostly through social media ads and word-of-mouth, but we haven't optimized our approach yet."

Operational Questions

What tools and technologies are you currently using for business operations?
Example Answer: "We use Shopify for our ecommerce platform and Mailchimp for email marketing."
Do you have any specific compliance requirements or industry regulations affecting your business?
Example Answer: "Yes, all our products must meet EPA environmental standards."
How do you measure success in your business?
Example Answer: "By tracking online sales growth, website traffic, and customer acquisition cost."
Could you share some insights or an overview of your current customer demographics and segments?
Example Answer: send us your current customers list from your existing CRM, please hide sensitive informations.
Can you provide an overview of your current business model, particularly how you engage with and sell to your customers?
Could you provide an overview of your current pricing model?
Understanding how you've structured your pricing can help us tailor our strategies to complement your revenue goals and market positioning.

Collaboration and Communication

Who will be our primary point of contact?
Example Answer: "Our Marketing Manager, Alex, will coordinate with your team."
What are your expectations regarding communication and updates?
Example Answer: "Weekly email updates and a monthly performance review call would be ideal."
Are there any other stakeholders or team members involved in decision-making?
Example Answer: "Yes, final decisions will also involve our CEO and Product Manager."

Future Planning

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?
Example Answer: "We aim to be the leading eco-friendly home cleaning brand in North America with a full range of products."
Are you exploring any new markets or customer segments?
Example Answer: "We're considering expanding into the pet care market with eco-friendly products."
What additional services or support do you believe could further enhance your business?
Example Answer: "SEO optimization and influencer partnerships could significantly boost our online visibility."

Feedback and Concerns

Have you used similar services before? If so, what has been your experience?
Example Answer: "We worked with a digital marketing firm last year but were disappointed by the lack of clear communication and measurable results."
What are your major concerns about outsourcing or using our services?
Example Answer: "Our main concern is ensuring that any marketing efforts genuinely reflect our brand's values and mission."

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