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April 14-21, 2024
Campaign name: Main
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💡 Idea Overview

The idea revolves around a digital marketing campaign to promote Trademark Depot's Canadian Packages, focusing on themes like "We Do Your Trademark," "We Care About Your Business," "We Get Our Hands Dirty," and "You Get Taken Care of Better Here Than With Our Competitors." The campaign will be executed on Google through a series of highly targeted ads. Variations in titles, descriptions, and links will be used to engage different segments of the audience, particularly emphasizing quality service, commitment, and value for money.

🛤 Alignment

This initiative aligns with Trademark Depot's broader goals of increasing brand awareness, boosting sales of their trademark packages, and emphasizing the commitment to client success. It directly supports team objectives by fostering collaboration between the legal, marketing, and customer service departments, promoting the Trademark Depot brand, and driving conversions through targeted advertising.

❓ Problem

The underlying problem is to reach out to new businesses needing trademark registration and retention of existing clients by offering tangible value and unmatched commitment. The campaign aims to address these challenges by:
Sales Focus: Directly boosting sales of specific packages through appealing price points and guarantees.
Customer Care Focus: Creating an emotional connection by showcasing Trademark Depot's commitment to clients' business needs.
Competitive Edge Focus: Positioning Trademark Depot as the preferred choice over competitors due to personalized service.
Through these campaigns, value is created for customers by offering comprehensive services at competitive prices and a personalized approach that resonates with the audience.

📐 Measurement

Measuring the success of this campaign can be accomplished through:
Conversions: Tracking how many users take action to purchase a package.
Click-Through Rate (CTR): Analyzing the CTR to determine the effectiveness of the ad variations.
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Comparing the revenue generated from the campaigns to the total ad spend to determine profitability.
Customer Feedback: Collecting feedback on the user experience, customer satisfaction, and any perceived value.
A/B Testing: Employing variations in ads to identify which strategies are most effective.

💰 Time & Budget

Time: The campaign may run for a designated period, requiring planning, preparation, and continuous monitoring.
Budget: A budget should be allocated based on desired reach and expected ROI. This will be distributed across various targeted ads.
Resources: Staff time for content creation, ad design, monitoring, and reporting.

🚀 Ad Variations

Variation 1: Sales Focus Headline: Get Your Trademark Registered Today! Description: Turnkey solution starting at $597. We handle all your trademark needs. Contact now & Get Your Trademark Today. Display URL:
Variation 2: Customer Care Focus Headline: We Care About Your Business! Description: Protecting your brand is our priority. Personalized service & unbeatable commitment. Contact Trademark Depot today. Display URL:
Variation 3: Competitive Edge Focus Headline: We Get Our Hands Dirty So You Don’t Have To! Description: From filing to opposition, we cover it all. Experience the Trademark Depot difference. Contact us today. Display URL:
Variation 4: Comprehensive Service Focus Headline: Full-Service Trademark Solutions. Description: Drafting, filing, review, and more. All-inclusive packages tailored to your needs. Trademark Depot has you covered. Display URL:
Variation 5: Personal Touch Focus Headline: Experience Unmatched Personal Care: We Prioritize Your Success Over Ours. Description: Choose Trademark Depot for attentive and customized trademark registration services. With packages tailored to meet every need, we make your business success our personal commitment. Your success is our success. Display URL:

Window Cleaning Service Ad:
🏠✨ Brighten Your View with Student Works Window Cleaning! This summer, let hardworking students help illuminate your home with crystal-clear windows. Our team takes pride in every swipe, ensuring spotless results at competitive prices. We're not just cleaning windows; we're earning our way through school, one pane at a time. Schedule your service today and support our journey to a brighter future! 🌟📚
Gutter Cleaning Service Ad:
🍂🏡 Clear Gutters, Clear Future with Student Works! Protect your home and support local students with our detailed gutter cleaning services. Our dedicated teams work meticulously to ensure your gutters are free from debris and blockages, preventing water damage and safeguarding your property. Competitive pricing meets student ambition — all in a day's work for us! Book your gutter clean-up this summer and invest in education. 💧🎓
Paver Cleaning and Polysand Replacement Service Ad:
🌿🚶 Pave the Way with Student Works! Refresh your pathways and driveways this summer with our professional paver cleaning and polysand replacement services. Our student teams are trained to refine every detail, enhancing your home’s curb appeal while preparing for their own futures. Enjoy competitive prices and support students working hard to fund their education. Transform your property and help us achieve our dreams! 🏆📖
Each ad highlights the key aspects of the service, emphasizes the student-run nature of the business, and connects the quality of work with their educational goals, all while maintaining a friendly and inviting tone.

Costco (retailer)
Home (home & garden)
Vacuum cleaner (home appliances)
The Home Depot (retailer)
Home Appliances (consumer electronics)


The outlined strategy aims to resonate with potential clients by emphasizing Trademark Depot's commitment to quality, value, and personalized care. With targeted messaging and strategic positioning, the campaign is designed to drive sales and strengthen the brand image.

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Use of more than one exclamation point
Substitution of shorthand or slang terms for full words
Inclusion of phone number included within ad copy
Incorrect spelling or grammar
Incoherent messages
Use of symbols or punctuation marks beyond their intended purposes
Excessive or unnecessary repetition
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