TWA Workflows

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TWA Workflows

Workflows are the backbone of how an agency operates, the process in which dream projects become launched work. Follow this heartly and you shall be able to create World-class websites :)

Client Discovery Call

A discovery call is the first conversation with a prospect after they show initial interest in your service. It's your opportunity to get to know the client to see if they could be a good fit for your business.

Project Questionnaire

A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions for the purpose of gathering information from the client in order to understand the scope of the project better. Simply click the pages in the left bar 👈 or follow this link to find your .

Project Documentation

Project Documentation is an effective way to document the scope of the project. It comprises of all the essential information and resources related to the project.
An Ideal Project Doc should have following components:
Project Questionnaire
Shared Google Drive Folder
Internal Figma File
Style Guide
Pitch Deck
Project Brief
Final Website Content
Internal Research Notes Others
Project Scope
Here we list down all the deliverables for the project.
Client Meeting Notes
Project Timeline

Follow this link to find one of our Project Documentation .

Research Period

All team members research about the brand individually so that we can come up with different perspectives. Later we discuss them to build a solid strategy on the Strategy Call.
In an ideal Web-design Research we cover the following:
Industry Standards
Market Sophistication
The WoW Factor
Competitor Websites
Current Industry Style, Themes.
3D/ Video/ Illustrations
The Best Websites

The Goal of the Research phase is :
Everyone to get familiar with Client’s product/ service and the target market.
Identify the toughest challenge on the project.
Create an unified design strategy for the project.
List down any other assets required from the client team.
List down if any other 3rd Party help is required (3D Designer, Videographer etc.)

Below are some of the research docs:

Strategy Call

Team call discussing the overall scope of the project.
We have the good understanding of the Brand.
We are aware about client’s exact requirements.
A joint discussion about the initial approach of the project.
Project timeline and deliverables.

Design Draft 1

Once we are aligned with the scope of the project and we have the better understanding of the industry, we start with our Design Draft 1.
It includes the following:
Style Guide.
Font Style, Colour Palette.png
Mood Board.
Low Fidelity Wireframe

Final UI Design

After incorporating Client feedback on Design Draft 1, we produce final UI design for the Webpages.
Please note we only offer 2 design revisions.

Webflow Development

Once Final UI design for all the Webpages is approved, we start building the project on Webflow.
We follow Finsweet’s Client-first Class Naming system while building styles, symbols inside Webflow to make sure our clients have the editorial control of the website to easily make content updates anytime.
Once the project is developed, we share a preview link for our clients to review all the interactions, animations, content layout etc before publishing the site live.
While publishing the site live, we make sure the website is responsive across all devices, browsers and the page loading speeds are optimal while all the functionalities work smoothly.
Share a Webflow Preview link with your Project Manager once the project is completed.
We offer a 7 days grace period to do basic health-checks and optimize the website wherever required.

Pre-Launch Inspection

Make sure the Favicons are designed & uploaded on Webflow. (32*32px, 256*256px)
Share project’s read-only link with your Project Manager.

Here’s some of our recent work:

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