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Homebrew's HR Resources for Startups in 2022

50+ HR resources to attract and retain the world's best talent as a startup
is a VC fund run by , , , and that’s invested in startups with the likes of Chime, Plaid, Gusto—and has helped hundreds of other world class teams build out their HR.

🍺 From the Homebrew Team

We believe that building a great team and culture starts with your first hire. We are here to help founders recruit a world class team and establish culture. Our overall goal is to “teach vs do.” Our guides on talent and HR topics are essential to building and retaining great teams.
We’ve open sourced our guides because we want to help founders without a supportive ecosystem in addition to providing resources for our own foundersIf you’d like to give feedback or if there is a topic you’d like to see 👉
There are more resources linked inside each topic below

🎣 Hiring

🤝 Employee Management

📕 Employee Policies

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