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Choose the page that matches the purpose of your meeting.
If you’d like tips on how to prepare, run or follow-up after your meeting, explore for insights. You can also below to another doc.

Types of meetings

Example structure for your recurring cadence, with building blocks designed for interactivity and team engagement.
Can be adjusted to biweekly or monthly.

For a quick sync with your team.
Helpful for sprints, new hire check-ins, or crunch periods requiring daily discussion.

Have your team add highs and lows to discuss what went well during a process or project.
Decide what to start, stop, continue doing.
Set a timer to ensure there’s enough time for each person or retro.

Also known as a “two-way writeup,” facilitate productive team discussions, and collect structured, actionable feedback.
Leverage before, during, or instead of a meeting.

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