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Tech Basics

Keys 🎹

Here’s a full walk-through for the keyboard app we use.
The code for the Macbook is 34203420

Video System Startup 🚥

The code to the computer is — 34203420
Before the service begins, make sure ProPresenter is receiving audio signal on the 3/4 input channels as seen in the video.
Make sure to turn off the LED wall after the service.

ProPresenter 7 Training

To follow this training, create an account at Ministry Grid and use the link above to begin.

Audio System Startup 🚥

To turn on the sound board, start by pressing a button located at the bottom.
After loading, activate the speakers using a rocker switch located at the back.
If the subwoofers are not on, use the power switch at the back to turn them on.
Before shutting down the sound system, ensure the subs are turned off.
Wait for approximately 20 seconds for the blue lights on the speakers to turn off, indicating they are powered down. Afterward, shut down the sound board and safely turn off the unit by pressing a button.

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