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Custom AI Icebreaker

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Build your own!

Check out the guided walkthrough and step by step instructions to create your own automated AI assistant.

How to Create a Custom AI Icebreaker Assistant

Open your Coda doc
Click the "+" to open the creator tools.
Click "Write a summary" to create your new AI assistant block
Give your assistant a name (usually it's best to name it after the role it will take, which in this case is as an icebreaker generator.)
Open the prompt and delete the content to create your own AI prompt. Type your prompt (which in this case is "Refer to the current list of icebreakers in “Weekly Team Updates” and create a unique icebreaker for a weekly team meeting, in question format.")
Click the "Create" to have your assistant generate your content based on the prompt you entered.
If the prompt worked well for you, make sure to give feedback by giving the AI assistant a thumbs up or down! Then click out of the prompt builder.

Adding a Button to Refresh Your Assistant

Click the "+" to add a button to refresh your assistant.
Type "button” to search for the button options
Click "New button"
Click the "Select an action" dropdown menu
Click "Refresh assistant"
Click the "Select block" dropdown to find the assistant we just created.
Select "icebreaker generator"
Update the name for the button if you'd like by clicking and modifying the label field.
If you'd like, you can update the button color if you would prefer as well.
Select the dropdown menu for the "Advanced" section to give your button a name.
Select the name field to update the button name and exit out of the button options by clicking into the canvas.

Creating an Automation to Update your Weekly Icebreaker

Click the gear icon in the upper righthand corner of your doc to open your doc settings.
Select "Automations"
Click the button "Add rule" to create a new rule
Name your rule (in this case it will be "Refresh Weekly Icebreaker")
Select when you would like the automation to trigger. From the dropdown we'll select the option to run it weekly, which is time-based.
Click "Time-based" and configure the day of the week and hour you would like the automation to run.
From step number two, we will select what we want the automation to do once it is running.
Click the "Select an action" dropdown to configure what action it will take.
Click "Push buttons" to have the automation run weekly and push the button we have just created.
Click "Select button" to open the dropdown to find the button we made.
Find the button name ( which for this example is "refresh icebreaker assistant button")
Once your automation has been set up, click "test rule" to run a test on the automation.

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