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Custom AI Icebreaker

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Custom AI Icebreaker

Weekly meetings can be a great way for teams to touch base, set goals and priorities, and check in on progress. However, they can also become repetitive and stale over time, especially if the same people are leading the conversation every week.
This is where weekly icebreakers can come in handy. By starting each meeting with a quick and fun activity, teams can get to know each other better and inject some energy and excitement into the conversation.
With Coda AI, you can introduce an assistant that will automatically create new meeting icebreakers for your team. By layering on Coda’s button functionality and automations, you can turn this activity into a task that automagically runs once a week, and lets your team focus on the true value of icebreakers, which is obviously the friends we make along the way.

In this guide:

Example: Weekly Team Updates

Prompt used in this example: Refer to the current list of icebreakers in “Weekly Updates” and create a unique icebreaker for a weekly team meeting, in question format.
What is one thing you learned this week that you found interesting or surprising?

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Weekly Updates
Icebreaker Response
Toni Watt
What is the most interesting place you have ever visited and why?
Basilica di San Clemente in Laterano - probably one of my favorite places in the world if I’m being honest. It’s a church built on top of a Byzantine era church, built on top of another temple and villa. So much history packed into such a small space, and the spring that runs underneath it all is still functional!
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