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Getting Started

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Getting Started

With the Todoist Pack
This guide explains how to get started with the Todoist pack for Coda. First, install the pack from the Coda gallery, then add your Todoist project list to your Coda document and connect to Todoist. You can add tasks, and for better focus, filter them by project or section. Enable two-way sync to manage projects, sections, tasks, and labels seamlessly. The Todoist pack allows you to take various actions including creating, changing, deleting, and managing projects, sections, tasks, labels, and comments, as well as closing and reopening tasks and syncing project collaborators, thereby offering comprehensive task management capabilities.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of getting started with the Todoist pack. Let's begin by installing the pack through the gallery.

Install the pack

Start by installing the Pack through the gallery:

Add project list

Start by adding your Todoist project list to your Coda document and connecting to Todoist.

Add your tasks

Now you can also add your tasks.
For more focused work, you can set a project or section if you only want to filter a subset of your tasks. This allows you to concentrate on specific tasks without getting overwhelmed by the entire list.

Enable Two-Way Sync

You can enable two-way sync for projects, sections, tasks, and labels.

Take action

The Todoist pack allows you to take many different actions.
You can create/change/delete:
Additionally, you can close and reopen tasks and sync the project collaborators.
With these features, the Todoist pack gives you infinite possibilities to manage your tasks efficiently and effectively.

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