Recovery Grids

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This is my combined spreadsheet with the following functionality:
Extract DCA bot profit information from the 3Commas History CSV
Calculate profit compounding to generate new BO & SO for all DCA bots
Evaluate total fund allocation across all bots/accounts/markets
“Recovery Grid” profit tracker for 3Commas
Evaluate number of simultaneous deals for selected bots

It’s a work in progress and comments are welcomed, and if something doesn’t make sense then please ask.
I have the export CSV to copy/paste new BO & SO process down to around 5 or 10 minutes now - this makes it realistic to do daily, and the sheet allows a quick profit check at the same time.
This is a link to my long-term QFL test notes. These have suffered in the May 2021 dip, but some bots are still running.
This is my referral link for the Coda platform - it should give you a $10 credit if you want to sign-up and create Coda documents yourself.
This is my referral link for Bitsgap if you want to give it a go - it should give you a 14-day trial of the Pro plan and $10 off the purchase of a paid plan.

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