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TJ's Kraken Tickets

2 Seattle Kraken tickets - 2nd row BEHIND GLASS

Hi I have a set of 2 insane SECOND ROW Seattle Kraken tickets on the north side of the stadium near the goalie priced without those expensive Ticketmaster/Stubhub fees (save 15-20%). The seat number is section 21 Row D seats 7-8. Note in on both sides of stadium there are no rows A & B so the glass is in front of row C. I am a new season ticket holder and will forward the digital rights using my official account. You can follow the link below to Purchase tickets using PayPal or I can also meet in person on the Eastside and transfer in person on my phone (there are no hard/physical tickets for the Kraken). I also have if interested.
Go Kraken -TJ
Actual photos from seats:
Frame 2.jpg
Frame 3.jpg
Frame 5.jpg
Frame 7.jpg
Frame 8.jpg
Frame 9.jpg
Frame 10.jpg
Frame 11.jpg
Frame 12.jpg
Frame 13.jpg
Frame 14.jpg
Frame 15.jpg
Frame 16.jpg
Frame 17.jpg
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