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TJ's Kraken Tickets


Can I receive the hard (physical) tickets?
No the Kraken don’t offer season ticket holders physical tickets. I can also meet in person on the Eastside and transfer in person on my phone if that makes you feel more comfortable.
When will I received the tickets?
I try to send them within a couple hours of receiving payment. Sometimes I have meeting or am busy though and will send as soon as I can. Feel free to if you are getting anxious.
How will I receive the tickets?
You will receive an email directly from ticket master with a link to transfer them to your account. The link will take you to a website where you sign into Ticketmaster (or create a new account) to accept the tickets.
Why should I buy them from you directly?
I think the Ticketmaster fees are ridiculous. They charge 15% to buyers plus 10% to sellers. I charge the same price as I list on Ticketmaster without the fees. It’s a win win for us both. If you prefer your can find these same tickets on
What’s your refund policy?
If games are cancelled due to to Covid, I’ll send a full refund as soon as the Kraken do the same for ticket holders.
Do you accept other methods of payments?
Yes I also have Venmo @Travis-Eby and Square cash $TravisEby. We can also meet in person with actual cash.
Why are the tickets I purchased still posted?
I have to manually mark them as sold so they won’t appear sold until I do.
Do you offer multi-game discounts?
Yes! I offer 10% off of the second game (lesser value). Please to coordinate.

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