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( 👉
I write this one to catalog my adventures starting an air mining company, would love for you to join

by Carbon180 (
This is a terrific weekly resource that captures everything in carbon removal. Great for beginners, great for insiders, and has a fun personality too.)

moderated by Greg Rau (
Moderator Greg Rau is legit, join to hear what's happening on the insiders list)

by the NYTimes (
This is a more traditional climate newsletter, but it's from the New York Times so occasionally they have badass illustrations/infographics)

by Charm Industrial
I like Charm's take, they approach carbon removal from the tech, Silicon Valley + SpaceX innovation perspective.

🎧 Podcasts
by Nori (
I love the Nori team, everything they do is great and sparks new ideas)

Host Jason Jacobs has interviewed a ton of folks in carbon removal, and the podcast surveys climate change more broadly than just carbon removal. See his interview with
for starters.)

by Nori (
see above)

(American University, Carbon Removal Law & Policy Center)

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I do a weekly YouTube update, as well as
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