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Trial Lesson Overview

Trial Lesson coming up! Here’s what to expect:

First, a Tech Review (with YOU!):

A Tech Review is a 10 minute one-on-one meeting with a parent and a tutor to check your tech prior to a Trial Lesson.
We have many students joining us for the Trial Lessons and so have allocated each parent a Tech Review slot.
Once you have completed your Tech Review, you may have a short wait before your son/daughter can begin their Trial Lesson.
Please click on the Waiting Room in Discord and a tutor will come and collect you:
The tutor will then send through a connection request on TeamViewer and guide you through the Tech Review.
The tutor will also let you know exactly how to access the Trial Lesson.

Second, the Trial Lesson (with your kid):

Trial Lessons are an opportunity to meet a Think Camp tutor and get a feel for how our lessons are run.
The Trial Lesson is slightly different to a normal Think Camp lesson, there will be fewer students in the class and the focus is on an introduction into what programs we use.
We will also guide the students through a few fun coding assessments to get an idea of which track they would start with. We have a Pre-Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Track.
In the week after the Trial Lesson, we will be in touch to find out how your son or daughter enjoyed the session and chat about the next steps.

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