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Welcome to the heart of PSA, where all your productivity insights come together to form a study schedule designed just for you.

Here's how it works:

Create a new item for each study task you need to tackle. Fill out the following fields:
Task: The name or description of your study task.
Expected Duration: Estimate how long you believe it will take you to complete this task.
Deadline: When does this task need to be done? Set a due date here.
Study Method: Based on your insights from the Learning Preferences Log, choose a study method that you believe will be effective for this task. You can reference the AI's suggestions on the Learning Preferences Log.
Subject: The subject or course that the task is related to.

Make sure you rate the effectiveness level! Also note, check out for “In-Progress” and “ To Do” tagged tasks!

Study Tasks
Study shortest path algorithms
Learn about Joins
Learn how SQL queries works
Learn about the Software Development Cycle
Common Software Development Practices
Study shortest path algorithms
Study Method
Expected Duration
2 hrs
Personalized Tip
For studying shortest path algorithms in Algorithms, it is recommended to try out Active Recall. Create flashcards or quizzes for the material you want to remember and practice recalling the information from memory. The recommended time to study is for 2 hours and 30 minutes on a Thursday at 11:21 AM. Additionally, Mnemonics is effective because it helps in memorizing complex concepts, and Flashcards are effective because they aid in retaining information for a longer time. Pomodoro is ineffective because it's a time management technique and not a study method.

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