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🎓 PSA: Personalized Study Assistant

Hello there! 👋
I'm thrilled to introduce you to the PSA: Personalized Study Assistant, an AI-powered tool designed especially for ADHD students striving for improved academic performance. With this tool, you can better understand your study habits, discover your peak productivity times, identify effective learning preferences, and create an optimized study plan tailored to your needs.

Why should you use this template? 🐳

In an ever-evolving academic world, knowing yourself and how you work best is paramount. Our aim with this planner is to help you better understand your learning patterns, enabling you to reach your full potential. PSA will assist in harnessing the power of AI to analyze and optimize your study habits.

Overview of the pages 📃

This template is structured into several pages, each serving a unique purpose:
Peak Productivity Log ⛰️: Here you can record your study sessions, noting when you felt most focused and productive.
Learning Preferences Log ⚙️: This page allows you to log different study methods and how effective they were for you.
Study Planner 📅: This is where you start adding your tasks and AI will monitor your logs.
Insights & Summary 📊: Get AI-generated insights about your learning patterns, peak productivity times, and most effective learning methods.
Feedback Page 💬: Leave any feedback or suggestions you have about the planner. This project is always looking to improve!

To use this template, explore first! Copy by pressing,
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How to use this template 📝

Getting started is easy. Begin by logging your study sessions in the manually or in the and noting down different learning methods in the and create a tailored plan for you. Don't worry about getting it all right the first time; you can always edit your logs. Use the to keep track of your current tasks. You can also see the AI-generated insights about your learning patterns in the page.
Remember, every learner is unique, so feel free to adjust and modify your logs as you discover more about your learning habits.
Best of luck on your academic journey, and remember, your PSA is here to guide you every step of the way! 🙏🙌 💓

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