Big 3 Leadership Assessment Scorecard

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The Leadership Standard

To develop great leaders at your company, we must SELECT, TEACH, ASSESS, and COACH (STAC) managers, each relative to our leadership standard.
Great managers:
Ensure direction is set to drive meaningful results.
Frequently coach their team members to be as successful as possible
Lead with heart by focusing on the employee not as solely an employee but as a full human being

When it comes to adding managers to your leadership corps, among our the most critical decisions is SELECTing the right people to put into people manager roles.

The Rubric - Hiring and developing great leaders at your company

Among the most important decisions we can make when it comes to employee experience, is selecting our leaders. Let’s not select them because of tenure or because they are the best individual contributors on the team. Instead, let’s select them for their leadership disposition, skills, and instincts.
You are assessing candidates relative to The BIG 3 standard which clarifies the things that great managers consistently do.
We select managers:
based on leadership disposition and not individual contributor capability
who understand that you drive sustainable results by driving and improving employee engagement.
not expecting perfection but to see great leadership instincts and/or skills combined with an aptitude to learn if we invest to teach and develop.

General notes

All 9 questions must be asked; if any question is not answered please outline the specific rational why e.g.covered in other interview in the loop.
Questions focus on the 3→E↔R (BIG 3→Engagement↔Results) Fundamentals and the CARES leadership principles
The interviewer should grade responses against the
Interviewers should be at least 1 level above level you are interviewing candidates for.
You should dedicate between 45 and 60 minutes to complete this interview and answer all 9 questions
This only meant to be one interview among several in your hiring loop

Scoring Options:

Beware - Significantly weak answer/Raises flags and concerns
Weak answer - might not necessarily raise any flags/concerns but is not up to the BIG 3 standard
Meets BIG 3 standard
Great Answer - exceeds the BIG 3 standard
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