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How to improve design operations for everyone
“Over the course of many years and roles, I’ve learned a lot about working within a design org and needing to bend-over-backwards to make “agile” methodologies sorta-kinda fit within the workflow of creative folks. With this site, I hope to make it easier for all of us!”
— Mark Davis (@themizarkshow)

Do this first:

Check the and get familiar w/ commonly-used jargon.
Check out stuff from the to deepen your knowledge.
Browse the site to see how these resources can help your team with...
Join the for updates and random chats / hangouts.
Or, if you prefer , we’ve got you covered!
And if you prefer the fediverse, we have a presence on Mastodon as well!

This site is a work in progress (WIP) so expect updates as time goes on. Major changes will be documented below for ease of tracking.

Edits & Updates (v0.6)
Sharing (v0.5)
Writing (v0.4)
/_su-QJ page under the Career Convos LinkedIn Groups link on the homepage
Writing (v0.3)
New entries for... Dev Resources
Writing (v0.2)
Org. Maturity (section) OM > sub-pages
Published (v0.1)
The main pages are stubbed out, Glossary & Reading List have some good stuff, Customizing Feedback is finished already
Edits & Updates (v0.6)
Sun, Mar 31, 2024
New pages, items, etc...
Things we removed or relocated...
Changed / Updated
Just a spot for general updates of existing pages/material...
Reworked some of the writing
Added images to the section
Writing some additional context for the page

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