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Fear-Setting: Publicly Launch Sacred Rebel Studios as Living Legacy Venture
Benefits & costs

Cost of Inaction

This might be the most important section. What are the costs of postponing action?
These can be emotional, physical, and/or financial costs. Think about what preserving the status quo will cost you 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years into the future. Think about the people in your life this will affect. Understanding these costs will help you to take the uncomfortable action you described in the section.
Tip: Watch the video below or to see why these costs are important.
Your big decision:
Publicly Launch Sacred Rebel Studios as Living Legacy Venture

Clear Costs of Inaction Data Below
6 Months
1 Year
3 years
I’ll be experiencing major health issues to due depression and substance abuse
I will be lost in the chaos of a changing world without grounded container aligned to Tao
I might not be alive
I’ll still be financially insecure causing a life trading self for low level survival needs
I will be homeless and hungry. I will be reliant on others to keep me alive, while watching community dwindle
I will have missed the window of opportunity and be in a time line that is Shadow
Friends and Fractal Continue to Suffer and Be Challenged with Adapting to Change
Friends and Fractals Beging Leaving this Life + This World Due to Inability to Cope
Too Much Is Lost
There are no rows in this table

👉 Pulling it all together:

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