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Fear-Setting: Publicly Launch Sacred Rebel Studios as Living Legacy Venture
Benefits & costs

Cost of Inaction

This might be the most important section. What are the costs of postponing action?
These can be emotional, physical, and/or financial costs. Think about what preserving the status quo will cost you 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years into the future. Think about the people in your life this will affect. Understanding these costs will help you to take the uncomfortable action you described in the

Tip: Watch the video below or
to see why these costs are important.


Your big decision:
Publicly Launch Sacred Rebel Studios as Living Legacy Venture

Clear Costs of Inaction Data Below
6 Months
1 Year
3 years
I’ll be experiencing major health issues to due depression and substance abuse
I will be lost in the chaos of a changing world without grounded container aligned to Tao
I might not be alive
I’ll still be financially insecure causing a life trading self for low level survival needs
I will be homeless and hungry. I will be reliant on others to keep me alive, while watching community dwindle
I will have missed the window of opportunity and be in a time line that is Shadow
Friends and Fractal Continue to Suffer and Be Challenged with Adapting to Change
Friends and Fractals Beging Leaving this Life + This World Due to Inability to Cope
Too Much Is Lost
There are no rows in this table

👉 Pulling it all together:

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