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Fear-Setting: Publicly Launch Sacred Rebel Studios as Living Legacy Venture


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Worst-Case Scenario
@System Writer
. Your big decision is:
Publicly Launch Sacred Rebel Studios as Living Legacy Venture
@This company does not work out and I end up with another incomplete venture
@Attention brings negative consequences like Lawsuit or Retribution Requests
@Use of substances interrupts workflow and people are hurt
@I move into the Not Self and fall back into conditoning
@No one and nothing wants what I have to offer
@This is not the thing that I am here to do
@I fall back into old habits of using and abusing to make good happen
@I live the life that I’ve always seen possible and transmute the suffering of this life
@I lose money or let down the people that are involved in this venture
Worst-Case Average Impact Score:

How you plan to PREVENT them:
Commit to this as Living Legacy, so that all things that come to this life can be integrated, where correct. There is not failure because this is the container of this life lived and beyond.
Act from Integrity and address any issues, as they arise with Deep Listening, Understanding, and from a Generative Field. Work with Divine to meet any challenges of this type
Be Honest and Accountable with Substance Use. Do not create Fantastical Stories about life and requirements. Meet and Respond to needs and demands of Venture in moments
Read BG5 Manual and have deepening understanding of the nature of Venturing in Maya. Listen to Divine, Guides, and Feedback from Reality
Find Your Tribe and Trust. Build What they Need
Stop It!
Listen Deeply To Feedback of External Environment. Trust in Guidance from God and Guides
Let Go - We Will Not Prevent This. We Welcome This through Practice
Clear Boundaries and Contracts for All Those That Enter into This Field
And ways you can REPAIR any potential damage:
Public Statement about Lessons Learned and Evolution of Living Legacy
Meet The Realities of This Situations with Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Hands. This can be The Work too
Go Into Recovery
Work with Hunt or Yanling to come back into right relationship with Self
Assess Your Intention and Belief Systems
Stop it!
Ask Friends and Communitas for Feedback and Guidance on Righting Any Perceived Wrongs. Work with Divine + Guides to heal and transform
This is Your Living Legacy
Get Clear on What Is Needed Work Through Karma and Create Integrity Plans for Resolving Issues
Benefits of taking action
You've identified
@I’m Generating This Living Legacy In Divine Alignment
@I Live A Prosperous Life of Transpersonal Sovereignty
@This Fractal is Supported, Healed, and Transformed through This Venture
@We Conquer our Fear of Going All in On One Thing
@We Become A Guide of A Path Foward during These Changing Times
@We Are Able to Support Those We Love
@We Are Able To Learn in All Dimensions of This Being and Body Through a Global/Kosmic Perspective
@We Have Everything We Wanted and All The Things We Did Not Know Were Possible, yet are for us
😀 Benefits Average Impact Score:
Costs of Inaction
I’ll be experiencing major health issues to due depression and substance abuse
I’ll still be financially insecure causing a life trading self for low level survival needs
Friends and Fractal Continue to Suffer and Be Challenged with Adapting to Change
1 Year
I will be lost in the chaos of a changing world without grounded container aligned to Tao
I will be homeless and hungry. I will be reliant on others to keep me alive, while watching community dwindle
Friends and Fractals Beging Leaving this Life + This World Due to Inability to Cope
3 Years
I might not be alive
I will have missed the window of opportunity and be in a time line that is Shadow
Too Much Is Lost
Some final parting words from a great modern Stoic:
"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life."
— Jerzy Gregorek

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