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Wiper And Washer

Wipers play a very important role in the safety of the passengers of a vehicle.There are many elements that hinder the visibility like dust, oil, debris, heavy rain, snow and so on which may lead to accidents on the road
The Washer system sprays the liquid to clean the dirt and grime on the windshield. During the winter, washer can be used to spray an antifreeze to avoid snow and ice building up on the windscreen
So, a windshield Wiper and Washer System in a perfect condition is a necessity for any vehicle for the driver to see the road clearly at al times .
A windshield Wiper and Washer though they look simple, are vital to the safety of the riders .
The system comprises of many parts like Windshield Wiper Motor, Wiper Arm, Wiper Blade, and Related Components, Wiper and Washer Sensors, wiper Relays and so on .
Look for these problems to check if the wiper system is in working condition and problem shoud be addressed promptly .
The Wiper motor unable to operate or operating at low speeds .
Wiper Arms should be inspected for bends and springs should be checked to provide required force to the blade .
Blades rubber should be checked for cracks, tears or if it is hard and brittle. The metal portion of the blade should be perfectly fixed to the arm
A wiper blade must not work on the dry screen as this overloads the motor and also severely scratches the surface of the glass .
When it's time to replace them Find all the required parts at The Autoparts Shop. We carry Wiper and Washer parts from all the popular brands and for all makes and models.
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