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Electrical Charging And Starting

The main function of the Electrical system is to supply power to all the electrical and electronic devices in a vehicle .
The Electrical system comprising of three main parts- the Battery, Starter and Alternator is a closed circuit and is independently power sourced from the battery. This battery is used to power the starter motor which helps the engine to start running. While the engine is running , the alternator is used to charge the battery and other electrical components in the vehicle. All electrical circuits in vehicles are opened and closed either by switches or relays and fuses are used to protect them from overloads
A weak or dead battery may wreak havoc on other electrical system parts- alternators and starters. Also a faulty alternator may not charge the battery and other electrical components. If your electrical system is acting up, don’t delay!
The Autoparts Shop has all kinds of electrical charging and starting parts from well known brands in the aftermarket industry like Dorman- OE Solutions, A1 Cardone, Standard Ignition, Replace, MPA, TYC, Intermotor and so on. We carry parts for all makes and models.
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