Your dream life

Time to sit down, grab a coffee, and imagine your dream life in 10 years.
Tip 1:
Don’t hold back here, it’s not yet the time to worry about how you’ll make it happen or if you’re being realistic or not, we’ll figure that stuff out later! Just let your imaginations and dreams run wild : "What would you do, day-to-day, if you had $100 million in the bank?”

Tip 2:
It may help you to think of stuff you dream of having (like material stuff), stuff you dream of being (like a great cook or fluent in Chinese), and stuff you dream of doing (like visiting Thailand)

1. What does
look like for you?

Set a 15-30 minute timer to brainstorm, jot stuff down, or use sticky notes if that’s your thing!

ーーーーーーー [20 minute exercise] ーーーーーーー

Now, check out my examples below and then click this button to get started:
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Enter your names here
Enter your goal categories here
Enter your 10 year dream goals here

For reference : your dream goals, organized by category and person!

2. What does your day to day life look like?

Take a few more minutes to dive deeper into the details, really try to visualize a day in your 2030 dream life!
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Imagine a day in your 10 year dream life here!

3. Summary of large themes

Group the large themes of your dream life as we move forward.
Reset Large Themes
Keep it to 3-4 large themes.
Large theme
Own a house
Large financial responsibility : down payment + mortgage
3 months of summer travel per year
Need work flexibility (geography + time)! Regular job probably doesn’t cut it.
Have a family, and
have time
for family!
Large financial responsibility (college costs a lot...)
Work flexibility needed, to spend time with kids, do extracurriculars with them, etc
There are no rows in this table

4. Calculate your expenses

Based on what you wrote up here
, let’s see what your expenses would look like in this dream scenario!

Just like you already did on the previous page for today’s expenses, do the same here for your projected expenses for your dream life in 10 years! You can start off by copying the monthly costs from today into the “Monthly Cost (10y)” column, then adjust the numbers and the sliders as needed. Feel free to add new line items as well! If there are items that are not relevant in 10 years, put the monthly cost to $0 but
do not delete the row entirely

Important note
Do not include mortgage, rent, or kid related costs here. You’ll have the ability to apply these automatically later on.
Input your expenses now!
Reset all values

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