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About That Dude Denis

Who am I?
I’m just a dude who left the Bay Area a couple of years ago with my wife and cat and moved to Paris. I used to work in Big Tech (I have a background in mechanical engineering), but recently I’ve been getting super into entrepreneurship, not only in the normal startup sense of the word but also in the side-hustle/muse/indie-hacker sense of the word.

I’m embarking on my very first entrepreneurial journey and will be sharing my experiences in the most open and transparent way possible via my blog, but I also am super interested in the no-code movement and plan on launching a number of no-code projects this year (for me, this counts as the first one!). Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on what I’m up to on this front.

As far as personal finance goes, it’s a subject that I’ve been generally interested in for awhile, but that hasn’t really been at the front of my mind - I’ve been fortunate to not have to worry about paying back debt and have enjoyed relatively large incomes in the Bay Area. However, now that my wife and I have laid out our dream of being able to live 3 months out of the year in a totally different place, it is much more relevant and important for us to do this sort of financial planning to understand what income we need and how we can achieve that without “standard” 9-5 jobs (which are not compatible with our dream).

So that’s my story. Thanks for checking this tool out! 🙏 If this was helpful to you and you want to show your appreciation, buy me a coffee and I’ll drink it. You can also check out my blog and follow me on Twitter!

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