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Intro to Tegus

Tegus is the world’s-leading investment research platform. We empower the most respected institutional investors, corporations, and consultancies with an end-to-end platform designed to streamline and deepen their research so they can make smarter, more convicted investment decisions. Our products and services enable clients to discover unmatched insights and answers to the most challenging questions they face.

Intro to Tegus (as a designer) |

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Latest Product Keynote | Nov 2023 | Coverage Customer Conference

Meet the Team

670+ company-wide employees
6 Product Designers | We’re HIRING
Tabby Jewett
Product Design Director
Matthew Cunningham
Product Design Director
Joe Steinkamp
Principal Product Designer
Melissa (Roadman) Drackley
Lead Product Designer
Lilly Mittenthal
Senior Product Designer
Bohdan Kirff
Product Designer

Team Mission

We create approachable yet empowering experiences that measurably maximize the value for our customers to deliver business outcomes. Through empathy of our users, digital know-how, knowledge of human behavior, visual exploration, experimentation, and an inclusive process, we can distill complexity into delightful, elegant, loved solutions. We aim to surpass our customers' high expectations to make uncovering rich insights easier, faster, more frequent, and more organized.

Team Values

Better Together

We use design to connect and enable everyone. We are hyper-collaborative with a completely inclusive and highly visible transparent design process. We visually bring things to life to communicate quickly and clearly with others.

Empowered Change Agents

We take initiative and ownership to create the ideal future for our company, our team, our process, our product, our industry, and the greater design community. We use design strategically to make clear, cohesive, and compelling visions to guide us in making a holistic impact. Our goal is to always leave what we touch better than the way we found it.


We go beyond empathy and focus on compassion as we desire to help. We seek to help our users, other designers, our squad-mates, and leadership. We focus on the problems we’re solving and trust each other to be vulnerable and egoless.

Aim High

We have high standards to deliver meaningful and measurable impact. We work smarter to get quality and speed to enable long-term success. While tradeoffs always happen, we think differently and challenge the status quo on how to reach new heights.

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