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The Keilys Play Fair

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Welcome to Fair Play!

A digital and interactive version of the Fair Play Deck.
If you’re scoping this doc, it’s likely you domestically cohabitate with another human being. Congrats! That’s so much fun. What’s not fun, is fighting over who should take out the garbage. Or even less fun, when one person carries ALL the household duties alone. When care tasks are out of balance, the relationship suffers.
Enter, Fair Play! This “game” was a god-send for me and my husband about a year into having our first child. I was carrying ALL the weight and my husband wasn’t sure how to help. It made me resentful and the idea of “making him a list” just felt like more work (because it is more work). This deck was a challenging, but fun, two hours I’m so glad we spent. You can explore the exact cards we used

Here’s how the author, , describes Fair Play

“The Fair Play book delivers a time and anxiety saving system that offers couples a completely new way to divvy up their domestic responsibilities. It started with the “Sh*t I Do” spreadsheet – a list of all the invisible tasks it takes to run a home, but developed into a gamified system with four easy-to-follow rules, 100 household tasks, and a figurative card game you play with your partner. Remember: Fair Play is a practice. Just like riding a bike for the first time it might feel awkward and you might fall down, but with time it will come as second nature to you!”
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